Tin Foil Tuesday: 2017 – New Year, Same Old S***!

  Well I hope everyone had a nice holiday and that you’re starting the new year off right. You know, by trying to stop eating like it’s the last meal you had before going to the electric chair. Or going to those pesky gyms where it looks like a packed dance club in January then looks like an Old West abandoned town with tumbleweed blowing by in February. Whatever your resolution, I hope it lasts longer than mine did. I promised I would not break anything of mommies for at least a month. But I knocked over a lamp while chasing Daisy through the bedroom at 2am this morning. Mommy was mad to say the least. She told me it was time to get back to work and that I’m not John Oliver who can take 2 months off. So we’re back at it for 2017. I will be driving up and down the internet highway looking for stopovers in the world’s craziest conspiracies. Some of my upcoming headlines include:  Alien Pyramids in the Antarctic Trump’s Head Spotted on Mars Time Traveler spotted at Tyson 1995 fight The Kraken is Real and Spotted By Google Earth The Illuminati is planning to launch a “Space Nation” to Control Your Mind The Man in the High Castle is Real and Your World Is Not!  And so much more………..So to those who say, New Year, New Me; I say stick to what works. Breaking lamps and uncovering the truth. Or the half truth. Or total fabrications that make you giggle while worrying about the sanity of a tuxedo cat. In other words, New Year, New Wee……….. Cheers,  Little Man    ... read more

Tin Foil Tuesday: Are Donald and Vladimir BFF’ing Again?

Trump and Putin sittin in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. So the hullabaloo that came out of the DNC hack last week appears to have Russian handprints all over it. Is Putin trying to influence our Presidential election for his own personal gain? Let’s take a look at the “evidence” we have thus far………. Timing:  The DNC hacks came by way of two Russian intelligence agencies. One of the hackers provided the information to Wikileaks who then released it on the eve of the Democratic Convention hoping to stoke chaos and outrage. The problem is that while it caused ire, silly Russians don’t realize we’ve come to expect this type of political party gamesmanship in a mega-tabloid election season on steroids where the only thing that is surprising is how we got here. But it was deliberate no doubt about it.  Puppets:  Trump is surprisingly ill-informed about geopolitics. He seems drawn to Putin much like he is drawn to himself in the mirror. Power Loves Power. But Putin is a maestro in geopolitics and is playing chess while Trump appears to be playing Connect Four against cats. Putin loathes NATO and wants it gone. Recently Trump has taken up talking points against NATO as well. Russia is the insolent child that keeps pushing the envelope in the form of slow and gradual “invasion” into former Soviet territories and regions (Georgia, Ukraine, etc). Trump last week commented that he probably would not respond if the Russians were to invade one of the Baltic States. This has to be news to the shirtless Russian midget’s ears! Trump wants to make America Great Again, but is he inadvertently helping to make Russia Great Again instead? Stay tuned.  Connecting the Dots Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman, was previously a consultant for former Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, who loves him some Putin (the US did not support him because he undermined the West’s interest). Yanukovych was driven from office during the 2014 Ukrainian revolution by the flaming pitchforks of the people and fled to mother Russia. Shortly after the unrest, the Russians invade the Crimea region of Ukraine.   Money Money Money Don Jr. recently admitted to the Washington Post that his father is seeing “a lot of money pouring in from Russia”. So its logical to construct that some of the money Russia has loaned to Trump has worked its way into his campaign. Inadvertently yet again.  My take? Almost all power countries are involved... read more

Tin Foil Tuesday: Are We Being Rickrolled by Trump?

  One of my favorite internet pranks of the past decade is the Rickroll. If you haven’t been rickrolled, it’s basically websites getting people to click a link you think contains important news only to get directed to Rick Astley’s 1987 classic, “Never Gonna Give You Up” video. It prompts laughter, embarrassment and nostalgia. Some famous rickrolls have involved the Oregon legislature, Scientology, Obama, etc.  There has been growing chatter over the past couple months that the Cheeto Jesus may really actually be rickrolling the US. To learn more, I journeyed into the land of epic internet trolldom to see if there’s any truth to this conspiracy.  1). Link to CBS affiliate on Donald Trump’s speech in California on June 2, 2016.”I’m never gonna let you down”. Hmmmm. Go  on………………….And the twitterverse exploded……… Did Donald Trump ‘Rickroll’ America? Social Media Thinks So 2). Melania Trump’s RNC speech. Forget plagiarism and focus on the Rickroll!  He will never, ever give you up. And, most importantly, he will never, ever let you down.” My take? I think they have some pretty humorous speech writers who are internet savvy giving us a “wink” or are possibly and subtly sabotaging their speeches. Either way, I’m a fan of rickrolling and I hope this fad never dies………it keeps you in check.  Finally, on a more depressing note, my sisfur Wee is going to be announcing that she is suspending her Presidential campaign to focus on supporting another third party candidate that’s actually on the ballot. Her press release is attached. You fought the good fight Wee.... read more

Tin Foil Tuesday: The Aliens Are Coming, The Aliens Are Coming!

  This week I ride my horse into town like a rabid feline Paul Revere to tell you that UFO sightings are at an all time high and there is buzz from nutters that something is fixin to be happening soon! My favorite UK rag, “The Mirror” has posted a story this week about countless sightings in cities all over the world from California, Nebraska, Detroit, Liverpool and even Machu Piccu! Do the aliens want sun and fun, corn, to bring back the Beatles or do they want to hike an Incan ruin? Either way, these guys are clearly ambitious.  My take? It’s a publicity hoax for the upcoming sequel to Independence Day. After all, why would you want to see something you’ve seen before and without Master Will Smith? Seriously, do you think Gael from the Hunger Games is really gonna save us along with that nutty Jeff Goldblum? To generate more box office buzz, producers of the movie are subliminally leading us to the promised land of overpriced seats and unhealthy snacks. They want us to think we want to see this movie to help us prepare mentally for the alien invasion. Plus, there’s no shock factor of aliens blowing up Congress and the White House in this one, because let’s face it, that would probably result in widespread applause. So they need a gimmick.  Or are aliens ready to pull the plug on this nutty planet? They’ve sat back and watched us self-destruct for the last 12 decades, so that’s a plausible theory.  Or maybe they have been summoned by their leader Trump to help bring additional votes to his fledgling polling numbers. Maybe aliens aren’t really green after all? Orange could be the new green! So keep your eye to the sky and document strange orange glowing orbs in the sky. If you see something, say something and by say something, I mean tell me like immediately.  I will post your videos on my site. We need to post the truth! And by truth its probably commercial airlines or military plane exercises (Jade Helm 2: The Sequel). But whatever…… Feline Paul Revere will now ride off into the sunset into the United States of Kibble. Or into the full moon, not quite sure. Be safe out there humans! Cheers, Little Man For more on this story: ... read more

Tin Foil Tuesday: Is the Illuminati Running Our Presidential Election?

  This is not a rhetorical question humans.  It’s clear that after 22 + Presidential candidates that only the Illuminati could be behind this final two. I mean seriously, we had a bazillion different choices and we are left with a choice between the New World Order or the New World Order. Or is this all a bunch of hooey? Probably, but we have stock now in Reynolds Wrap, so we have to promote tin foil every week.  If you follow the Illuminati conspiracy theorists, we already know they believe Hillary Clinton is an establishment candidate, not of the Democratic Party, but of the Illuminati. But what about Donald Trump? How do we explain his rise to popularity and to the Republican presumptive nominee through atrocious sound bites, flip flopping around conservative positions and brash and at times, offensive rhetoric? Because he is allegedly a Senior member of the Illuminati. So why run against his own party against another member? Is there a Civil War brewing between the Illuminati similar to the fractured Avengers?  One theory is that he may be going rogue after a fall out with the Bilderbergs. And now the big I is running scared of their Frankenstein’s monster. Initially using him for their own purposes in the business world, he’s now a pit bull off of his leash hell bent on destroying the old order through his political run. Why else would so many news outlets and Republican party members be so opposed to his nomination? Is it because his master plan is to end globalization which is ruining our existence? The jury is out on this one. But is Donald ultimately the world’s savior packaged in self-tanner and bird’s nest hair? Maybe so.  Another theory is that he is the main choice by the shadowy cabal to usher in Armageddon by unleashing his aggressive personality to piss off the world and into a planet-ending conflict. I don’t really buy that. There’s one thing about Donald; he loves being REALLY REALLY rich. It would be very hard to be REALLY REALLY rich with the world reduced to rubble. Or does he then hold the power and money to rebuild all the major cities? Imagine Trump Towers everywhere? Hmm. As a real estate mogul, this certainly may explain this screwy Louie theory.  Oh stop it Illuminati. I know you’re not real and all this is a bunch of malarkey. But similar to the Simpson’s foreshadowing of... read more

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