WeeeNN Sports: Super Bowl Preview- Its Cam Time

  Let’s give a bit shout out to the return of veteran sport’s reporter, Midget McGee as she evaluates this weekend’s Super Fantastic Bowl of feet. Given the match up, I will likely be tuned into the Puppy Bowl with my pizza rolls.  CAM  CAM  CAM ….    What the CAM-era shows week after week, game after game is an exuberant post TD celebration that grates on the masses as pure hot diggity dog. Cam-on people, Guldens does make enough mustard to cover the QB from the Carolina Kitties but nobody CAM catch him to apply it. As the er, BIG GAME, is almost upon us, the CAM-motion is nonstop with news clips from talking heads anonymous trying to rile up the listeners because, well, the game just isn’t doing it for most folks. No Brady, No Hoodie, No Gronk, No Beastmode, no Sherman or Mr. Peabody. The game is BLAH BLAH BLAH, with the pizza pitchmaker, make that Buick, make that Nationwide, make that ad nausea, versus the self-proclaimed cool cat QB that no one can CAM-pare him to. He has CAM-bined his talented legs and arm to create havoc in a season where all the establishment franchises, like Jeb Bush, are kitty littered in the distance. Las Vegas has the kibbled crusaders a solid choice over the open range equine crowd from the mile high city. The betters have CAM-pletely rushed to one side creating a CAM-nundrum hissy fit for the wize guy prognosticators. What we have seen in this young, brash, sure fire MVP CAM-nidate is someone who seems to relish the haters, whose CAM-petitive nature just seems to will a victory, and has no intention of CAM-pitulating to the pressure to “pretend like you’ve been there before”. Reality is though, the equine forces are formidable on defense and have the capability to CAM-trol the line of scrimmage, keep the CAM-troller in the pocket and create enough of a CAM-motion that might CAM-fuse the QB and stifle the felines from Charlotte. I refuse to get caught up in all of that and I am CAM-pletely comfortable predicting that the equines will catnip the felines by a final score of 27-24. I do not expect an overexciting game, but do look forward to Cam-paring all of the commercials….not sponsored by pizza, buick, insurance or watches. And Coldplay.  We’ve CAM a long way from Marsha, Marsha, Marsha….to CAM-omania…oh and the game is Sunday…yawn!!!   Have I mentioned CAM is... read more

Little Man Occupies His Bed During the Super Bowl

I would first like to congratulate Midget McGee for her almost perfect prediction of the Super Bowl winner and final score. One number off. You are a soothsayer oh little Midge. I however, slept through most of the Super Bowl. I did awake for the half time show to see dancing sharks and a flying Katy Perry because lets face it, that was the highlight for a kitty visually. I am glad to see the NFL season end, it kinda sucked. Cheaters won. NFL image is tarnished by reprehensible behavior of star players and let’s face it, it all starts with the Commish. I watched his press conference where he belittled Rachel Nichols for asking a legitimate question surrounding a conflict of interest in NFL investigations paid by the NFL. Would he have responded to a male journalist in the same almost mocking manner?  Mommy says the NFL is risking alienating a large percentage of the fan base, namely women. But yet, this year’s Super Bowl attracted the largest viewing audience ever. This is how we reward bad behavior in the world?  So it won’t change. The owners are making a shit-ton of money as is Goodell. So cue Jessie J, cause it really is all about the money. So I say……NO to the NFL and YES to the continuance of naps instead. Little Man is out…..peace.... read more

WeeeNN Sports: Super Bowl Predictions

What a strange Super Bowl this is shaping up to be. Fresh off Deflategate, New England tries to bounce back from being dogged in the court of public opinion as a bunch of cheaters. Then you have the strangeness that is Marshawn Lynch showing up for mandatory public appearances and telling fans, he’s only there so he won’t get fined. I’m sure he was was under the influence of the new “strain” that was recently named in his honor in Seattle. The year started off rough for the NFL with the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson scandals. Now it threatens to end on an even more bizarre note thanks to the Patriots. It’s a bit of an analogy for me comparing the NFL to a slowly deflating ball. The league needs a PR makeover after this season along with a new commissioner and direction. Goodell has turned this league into an oligarch circus full of distracting sideshows and freaks.  But what about the matchup? About as evenly matched up as you can get. Patriots are strong on offense, strong on defense. Seahawks have the potential to shut down the Patriots O. I can guarantee that Richard Sherman will be all over Brady’s balls on Sunday. But my gut tells me Darth Belichek pulls this one out, but barely. 27-24.  – Midget McGee What do the others say?  Wee: Seahawks all the way 34-30. Richard Sherman schools Tom Brady which begs the question of who the real thug is in this scenario?  Bean: Patriots. It’s the only team a real American should root for 34-17! Little Man: Do I get extra kibble on... read more