WeeeNN Election 2016: Super Tuesday Will Be YOOOOOOGE

  We are less than 24 hours away from the crown jewel of the primary season, Super Tuesday. For one or two candidates, it could truly be a super day cementing their lead(s) against any and all challenges. So we give our predictions state by state:        1). Texas- A whopping 155 delegates at stake Wee: Cruz wins his home state. Unlike Rubio and Kasich’s bid to win their prospective states, FL and OH.  Bean: Cruz, but Trump will finish close enough to make a dent in Cruz’s overall delegate count.  Little Man: I’m going with George Bush. What do you mean he’s not on the ballot?  2). Virginia Wee – Trump all the way Bean – Trump and a second place finish by Rubio. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.  Little Man: Thomas Jefferson. Make America great again and start over.  3). Georgia  Wee: Trump Trump Trump Bean: Trump with a second place finish by Rubio. Shampoo, rinse, repeat,  Little Man: Jimmy Carter. I’d take Jimmy Carter right now over this nonsense.  4). Massachusettes Wee: Trump. I don’t know how or why in that state, but Trump.  Bean: Trump, but second place John Kasich. Not sure why he’s still here, but he gets a few of Trump’s scraps.  Little Man: Mitt Romney. Can I get the former Governor to reconsider? Mittens, Mittens, Mittens! 5). Oklahoma Wee: I’m just gonna put Trump in all the rest of the states and save time.  Bean: Upset alert, Ted Cruz. Write that one down and take it to the bank.  Little Man: Ohhhhhhkklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. I’m going to go with a tornado this round. We have a political tornado sweeping through the plains.  6). Alabama Wee: The T word Bean: Trump is leading the polls by so much, that it’s not worth typing or contemplating anyone else challenging him there.  Little Man: Lynryd Skynyrd. Play some Skynyrd!!!!! 7). Tennessee Wee: Trump….a lump Bean: Agree, no brainer Little Man: Peyton Manning. Good ole Rocky Top, winning in the SEC!! Woot Woot 8). Arkansas Wee: Trump, next…… Bean: Don’t go against the odds. Trump Little Man: Bill Clinton. Go Governor Clinton. (at this point, we’ve taken away Little Man’s pen).  8). Vermont Wee: As went New Hampshire, so goes Vermont for Trump Bean: Trump again Little Man: Senator Bernie Sanders Wee: Little Man, you get zero points so far, but yes Bernie will win his home... read more

WeeeNN 2016: Bush League

Jeb Bush finally throws in hat into the ring now that he has amassed enough money to buy and sell some African nations. The Kibble Party panel takes a look at his legitimacy as a Presidential candidate.  Wee: Once the probable front runner, early missteps with the press and the weariness of the Bush name has dampened enthusiasm from potential voters.  Bean: He’s still a formidable candidate that has an actual leadership history and was quite successful and popular as a governor of a major swing state.  Little Man: I would rather vote for Duke, the dog from the Bush beans commercial! Go Duke, now give me the recipe dammit!!! Wee: If people give him a chance to talk about his record and allow others outside of Florida to get to know that he’s more like H than W, he may have a slow creep back up in the polls.  Bean: Agree for once Bean. He has two MAJOR things going for him; one being a successful governor of the most important swing state and his appeal to Latinos with his more heartfelt immigration policies.  Little Man: More conservatives are interested in Scott Walker for some odd reason. He’s not exactly tearing it up in Wisconsin. Unless you consider tearing it up meaning dismantling unions, running Wisconsin into a deficit and gerrymandering women’s hoo hoo parts.  Wee: One thing that no one has commented on regarding Bush is that he is building a home on the family compound in Maine. With the rules not allowing 2 candidates from the same state to be on the ballot, it obstructs the goal from getting the all important Florida electoral votes. As such, he has all but certainly signaled that if he is THE candidate, Rubio is his running mate.  Bean: And if conservatives are smart, they would realize THAT ticket wins Florida and possibly a sizable bloc of Latino voters. But conservatives can’t help being their own worst enemy when it comes to the primary votes. With this ticket, they really can’t lose. Little Man: Tacos, burritos, there’s something coming out of your Speedo.  Wee: Little Man, pay attention!! Bean: We’ve lost him to SNL again. The Millenial cat has the attention span of a flea.  Little Man: I’m listening. I’m just better at multi-tasking than you old cats.  Bottom Line:  Wee: Clinton/Bush – for those of you that never removed the bumper sticker from your cars in 1992, congratulations! It’s... read more

Wee’s Fireside Chat: How to Answer the Iraq Gotcha Question

This past week, some of the front runner Republican candidates struggled with a pretty obvious question they should’ve been prepared for. In particular was Jeb Bush’s awkward initial endorsement of his brother George’s policies and decisions, followed by the backtrack and clarifications that came later. You knew that was gonna be a big question for you Jeb? You needed to distinguish yourself by offering thoughtful commentary that distanced you away from that debacle. Let George kick you in the jimmy at Thanksgiving for the tire marks from the bus, but use common sense.  Then poor Marco Rubio sounded like a defensive child accused of taking a cookie from the jar and getting caught with crumbs on his hands. The cringe worthy responses to Chris Wallace’s questions about the decisions made in 2003 made me sit down and write out talking points for future questions to candidates:    Question: Knowing what you know now about Iraq not having WMD’s, would you have authorized the 2003 war in Iraq?  Answer: NO. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. The focus should have been solely on Afghanistan to degrade the terrorist cells and training camps alone. If Iraq had WMD, so what? What country doesn’t have them. Iraq was a distraction.  Question: Let’s try it a different way, based upon the intelligence you had in 2003 about Iraq’s WMD, would you have authorized the war?  Answer: Emphatically no. Possession of WMD alone does not constitute the need to declare war and remove a dictator. If we did that, we’d be removing about 30 different government heads around the world. There was no credible intelligence that Iraq was behind the 9/11 attack. The majority of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Zero from Iraq, It’s equivalent to getting your ass kicked by someone and then turning around and kicking the innocent dog just because you can to try and restore your ego. It’s called displacement. And displacement is the reason for the mess we are in now. I guarantee Iraq was the patsy. Let’s go in and invade this country and show those terrorists who’s really boss. Um, fail.  Question: Let’s try it one other way. Was it a “mistake” to invade Iraq? Answer: For the third and last time Yes. After entering into the war on faulty intelligence and likely “false” pretense, we created an instability in the Middle East that will haunt us for decades. Good ole’ Rummy... read more