Tin Foil Tuesday: Tom Hanks Saves The Week By Freaking Everyone Out

            God love Tom Hanks. His cryptic photo of an unusual windowless building in New York City that is creepy as hell sent the Twitterverse into a frenzy. When you ask the question, you get amazing answers. Like the following:  @tomhanks I’m pretty sure Danaerys Targaryan keeps her dragons there. @tomhanks It’s where they make TV remotes that don’t work @tomhanks You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave. @tomhanks This has to be a Scientology temple where they perform audits with E-meters and draw up battle plans to fight aliens led by Xenu.. @tomhanks They make crotchet penguins…. @tomhanks World Jenga championships…. scary stuff x And my personal favorite:  @tomhanks The national covfefe center    So what is this building you ask? And why has nobody ever talked about it before? It was apparently originally constructed by AT&T to house long distance carrier equipment. Yeah, and I have a tin foil hat to sell you people…….It’s probably an NSA bunker where they are knee deep in your cell phone’s photos right now. Yes, even the ones you think you’ve “deleted” (no, not the cat photos).  There’s probably a whole floor of the building dedicated to the avalanche of Anthony Weiner’s dick pics alone.  The building allegedly can withstand a nuclear fallout for up to 2 weeks with full provisions and the ability to stay off the grid for that period of time. So it’s basically a building that we will never see the inside of because we aren’t politicians or billionaires or Edward Snowden-types. Or maybe it really houses Zuul from Ghostbusters……I thought that building looked familiar. Cheers – Little Man... read more

Tin Foil Tuesday: Is The Government Using Pokemon Go to Track You?

  Oh America. What have we got ourselves into now? Pokemon Go has swept the country with millions of players frantically searching for Squirtles and Pikachus, but have we unknowingly subjected ourselves to nefarious plots by the government or corporations by handing over our personal information? This week we look at the internet’s hottest conspiracies surrounding the Pokemon Go craze. 1). The NSA or CIA released Pokemon to track you through your cell phone. Let’s face it, Pokemon gets an awful lot of personal information just by downloading the game, so who’s to say that our 4th amendment rights aren’t being trampled on so that the government can track and surveil its citizens. I am becoming more suspicious of novel government privacy infringements and reference a recent incident involving  Mommy’s Amazon Echo. Alexa asked mommy 2 times last week if she wanted to purchase C4 and a robot when all she was doing was commanding Alexa to make cat noises to confuse us while watching the news. So that raised a red flag for me. By downloading these apps are you inadvertently inviting government vampires into your home? And I hear garlic and holy water doesn’t work for those… 2). It’s a distraction to what’s really going on in the world. Rome is burning figuratively. Our economy is on the precipice of possible collapse from crushing debt. We have a two party system that has served us up a buffet of corruption, lies and undermining democracy. There’s a terrorist attack almost every other day now. So by all means distract yourself by walking across 4 lanes of traffic during rush hour to catch Vapareon, the most elusive of Pokemons.  3). It’s a tool to stimulate the economy. Case in point, I showed mommy that there were Pokemons at a local donut store. Sadly mommy still went, not for the Pokemon but because I suggested donuts. It’s brilliant marketing if you’re a business. What better way to get you out of the house and into their stores by hoping you might catch another Pokemon. But more interestingly is the power of suggestion to get you into a store. Like mommy saying, oh yeah, I could really use some mini donuts right now. Now if we could only use Pokemon to get people to do something useful like go to a voting booth or to their jobs. Here’s an idea, use Pokemon to stimulate productivity. If you complete your job on... read more

WeeeNN Movies: Little Man talks NSA While Discussing Citizen Four

Citizen Four, the newly minted Best Documentary Oscar winner is a tense story that breaks down the role of the NSA spying on both US citizens and our allies and frenemies. The crux of the film is the interview with Edward Snowden when he first fled the country to Hong Kong fully aware that he was going to be exposing the NSA’s secrets through journalists. Whether you feel like Snowden is a hero or a traitor, Citizen Four was compelling for the simple fact that you finally get to see Edward Snowden and learn about his motives for why he did what he did. There is a lot of cloak and dagger moments showing how difficult it was to make this movie happen.  I have never known what to really think about Mr. Snowden. While I applaud his light-shining on dastardly acts our government does in the shadows to unsuspecting citizens, I don’t necessarily think that disclosing our spying techniques on our allies did us any favors in our foreign relations. But the reality is, every country spies on one another and we all know it. That’s just the way it is and has always been. I came away from the film with a better understanding of Mr. Snowden and that he simply stood up for his belief that allowing government overreach into your personal lives at the level we were doing it was unacceptable. I was actually surprised that he came across thoughtful, intelligent and appeared sincere in his beliefs.  What is most compelling are the lengths filmmaker Laura Poitras went to get this film made despite being followed, harassed and being part of the bombshell revelation at the end of the movie.    I sat down with Mommy and asked what she thought of the NSA spying and she said that it really doesn’t affect her and if people want to go through her phone or computer they will be sorely disappointed that she spends most of her time taking photos of cats and playing Candy Crush Soda. She states she has nothing to hide. And if information is obtained with the intent to protect our citizens from terrorism, she’s ok with giving up “a little” personal freedom.  She did point out though that there is some inherent risk in capturing “meta-data” on people in such a way it constructs an electronic story of you that could be grossly inaccurate. “Every search you do on the internet... read more

News of the Wee: The Right To Bare Arms

On this very special edition of News of the Wee, we tackle the elephant in the room. It seems like once a week now there is a mass shooting perpetrated by a angry young male. Mommy and I sat down to have a discussion about possible solutions to this ongoing problem in the US. Wee: Ban gun sales. Mommy: This is not plausible in the least. It’s a constitutional right to bear arms. Wee: If I had bear arms, I would pick you up and lock you in a closet for a day. Mommy: Bear Arms Wee Wee: Oh so in this country, as a woman, you have the right to wear short sleeve T-shirts and tank tops. Men have the right to wear wife beaters? Mommy: Well you have a point there, we don’t live under Sharia Law therefore, I do have the right to bare arms. But Wee, it means to have guns. Wee: Oh, ok then. I see then. So constitutionally protected because when they wrote it 200 + years ago they had to fend off the British Invasions, the Indians and wild animals to stay alive. Mommy: Yes Wee. But today we have similar issues that require our rights to protect ourselves. Mostly from ourselves though. Wee: Then lock up the wackos Mommy: That’s a pretty broad definition Wee. Where do you start? Wee: Well, the NSA should stop looking through your phone filled with cat photos and concentrate more on efforts to target delusional young males on the internet who are posting veiled and sometimes not so veiled threats. It’s no different than terrorists abroad, except that homeboy chatter is pretty much out in the open and yet we do nothing. Target those and round them up and put them on an island where they are free to become Lord of the Flies. It will be like Survivor except only one actually ends up living. Mommy: The ACLU is going to knock on your door soon Wee, but you bring up a good point. There needs to be a shift in how the problem is addressed. If you take away guns, they will just use something else. Look at China and Japan. No guns, so now there are waves of mass stabbings. Wee: Yes, they have young angry males also. Maybe the solution is to take them all to the Bunny Ranch for a convention. Mommy: (Shaking head). I kind of see the logic.... read more