Little Man: Occupy Paper

Paper and pulp mills are some of the dirtiest industries in the world using the planet as their own personal kitty litter. In addition to production of chlorine, some mills create about 40 or more different toxins that rise through the air and into fresh water sources. One of the biggest offenders? Yup, you guessed it. The Koch Brothers. The 40 billion dollar giants that purchased paper-mill giant Georgia Pacific in 2005, dumps toxic waste into our waters faster than I can eat a bowl of chicken and liver kitten pate.  Now factor that in with the Koch Brother’s money and influence in politics. They are the kingmakers who will bankroll the “chosen” one or ones in the upcoming Presidential election. Their influence and money cannot be ignored by the candidate who then becomes beholden to their slave master and not to the people that elected him or her.  In the last election, they raised almost $400 million. Do you or I have that kind of money and influence?  We judge candidates by their moral character, but turn a blind eye to the money behind the candidate that has zero morality. The corporations that buy elections in an effort to reduce or eliminate regulations that hurt everyday Americans. Only so they can make more money……. So today, I protest the Koch Brothers and the paper mills they own. So much so, I am occupying paper in my protest.  – Little Man  #overturncitizensunited #getmoneyoutofpolitics Give the power back to the people... read more

Occupy Kibble: Protesting Sparkle Paper Towels

Sparkle brand paper towels. A gift from the gods of 100 percent virgin fiber produced by Georgia Pacific. Since that sounds like two innocuous words that bring to the mind peaches and the deep blue sea; this has to be the equivalent of rainbows and puppies, right?  But don’t be fooled by that misnomer. GP is owned by Ralph and Mortimer from Trading Places. Also known as David and Charles Koch. I can only imagine that the 100 percent virgin fiber came from the killing of actual virgins to make their paper towels. Remember this is the duo that pretty much steals elections right from under your voting feet. So today, I just say NO. No to Sparkle Paper Towels. So much so, I have literally occupied them.  Sincerely, Little... read more

Wee Debates Mr. Bean Over the Hobby Lobby Decision

The most prominent news story this week has certainly been the controversial SCOTUS decision on Hobby Lobby’s rejection of certain ACA provisions concerning contraception. Mommy told me not to get involved in the public’s debate, so I’ve decided to debate the issue with Mr. Bean and highlight the good and bad on both sides. I don’t think there is a right or a wrong answer on this issue. All viewpoints on either side have valid points: We flipped a coin and Mr. Bean gets to take his position first. And with that, I hand to the floor to the old black cat: Mr. Bean In favor of Hobby Lobby: ACA mandate to employers for coverages they morally object to….Disagree. Government overreach should not force an employer to provide health care coverages which violate their moral beliefs. Period. I have and always have had an issue with employer mandates to begin with and the government should stay out of the way of companies and how they choose to run them. Including what type of benefits should be provided. They did not choose to eliminate coverage of all birth control, only 4 deemed to be abortifacient; namely the morning after pills and the IUD. If you feel your beliefs are at odds with your employer, find another company that is a better fit for you. You’ll be happier in the long run anyway. I hear Michael’s is hiring. Finally, if you don’t want the health insurance provided by your employer, there’s this new thing called the healthcare exchange. You’ve heard of it, right? You can get whatever coverage you want free from anyone’s control or direction. The black cat rests. Wee against the Hobby Lobby ruling: But at what point, does abortifacient cross the line into abortifascism? Of the 3 pills involved and what appears to be a small metal telephone pole that’s inserted into the uterus; all prevent implantation of an egg to the lining of the uterus. This is, in effect, exactly what birth control is intended to do. I can see RU-486 being very objectionable because it actually causes abortion, but manipulating hormones or the lining of the uterus is contraception and not abortion. 80% of fertilized eggs never attach themselves to the uterus under normal circumstances. Are we going to label that life begins now at your first menstruation and egg release? While I don’t think the ruling and what the Hobby Lobby was asking for was... read more