The Kibble Party: Iowa Predictions

  Well, its finally here peeps. The Iowa Caucus. All those poor Iowans who, for months, have been stalked, hounded and preyed upon by politicians descending upon their state like a plague of locusts. As of tomorrow, you will get your TVs back free from attack ads and nonsense. You did it Iowa. Hooray! And with that, the Kibble Party gives their predictions for tonight’s results.   Wee: It’s gonna be Ted Cruz in a squeaker. He has put together one of the most brilliant ground campaigns ever and that’s what is needed to win in Iowa. As much as I want a Rand Paul upset, I will bite my tongue until it bleeds to avoid commenting on what actually will happen. Sadly, I think mother nature and the pending snow storm keeps the young kids away from Standing with Rand. I think the same holds true for Bernie Sanders. If you can’t get the youth voters to show up, there’s no chance for an upset for either Paul or Sanders. Its gonna be Hillary and Cruz out of the gate early. But we’ve all watched the Kentucky Derby and know what usually happens to the horses that get out to an early lead. And neither are Secretariat that can go coast to coast.  Bean: I think Trump pulls it out by being creative. He is crazy enough to rent a fleet of buses to pick up and take supporters to the Caucus venues. He’s an evil genius and by providing a ride, a free bottle of Trump water and some pass around hors d’oeuvres, he will get people to show up.  Mark my words, he has something up his sleeve that’s never been done before. Bernie has enough youth support who have smart phones and uber apps to get them there and/or they will carpool. This will be an upset which will knock Hillary off balance before the big TKO next week in New Hampshire.  Trump will reign supreme in Iowa.  Little Man: Rand Paul upset alert. He will get the youth vote out in full force. Many voters will have been turned off by Cruz and Rubio’s “voter violation” shame mailings that came out the end of last week. Seriously, I hope mommy gets one of those before the Florida primary, she will allow us to publicly shame that candidate on our site! Millennials unite for Bernie as well. It’s time for the youth to take our country forward by exercising their voting rights. Get out there kids! Do... read more

Little Man Drones On……Occupy Drones

This week, I read that Google, Amazon and others are testing out ways to deliver your goods via drones. I’ve always had an issue with the use of drones for personal or business (or military) reasons for the simple fact, it’s gonna be a mess up there. Just imagine your Amazon order containing that awesomely bad cat sweater is tragically killed in a drone to drone accident. Or a drone to airplane, drone to light pole, drone to flock of seagulls (not the 80’s band, but that would be a funny visual).  How do we have any control over what’s flying around? Will they have to create a mini FAA to monitor drones. Staffed and manned by kittens?    As if we don’t have enough actual air traffic with planes, we are going to congest our airspace with drones? Drones that will no doubt be used for increasingly insidious purposes (surveillance, spying, stalking). So when your drone delivery pizza is laying splat in the middle of the street being attacked by vultures while you cry in your driveway (which is being captured by your stalking exes’ drone), just remember, we did nothing to stop this nonsense. I will conclude by leaving you this awesome tumblr link below, so you’re welcome. Wee is on assignment and will be back this week with the unveiling of the Kibble Party PAC and News of the Wee –  Little Man... read more

News of the Wee: Resolutions and Revolutions

Wow, 2015 people really? I will be 4 years old this year!!! Holy Crap. I hope everyone had a nice holiday and are on to their new resolutions for the year. I wrote mine down for mommy and she rolled her eyes and walked away: 1). Create global news network completely and solely authored by cats. Conservative cats, liberal cats, conspiracy nuts, RINOs, DINOs, white cats, black cats, multi-color cats etc. WeeeNN will be worldwide by early 2015. You’ve been warned. It’s all about branding this year. If you don’t become a reader, you will be branded with a hot iron. 2). Increase funding for the Kibble Party PAC through grassroots internet campaign. 3). Announce I will run for president in late 2015. Complete my announcement with hacking of major network servers which will then display my face on your screen while the Humpty Dance plays in the background. 4). Invest in Cuban infrastructure. (Mommy asked how I would do that since I have no money, I told her to check her accounts). 5). Push agenda to find homeless pets forever homes. 6). Harass Ted Cruz 7). Tell mommy to increase her personal injury liability limits based upon #6. 8). Write first E-Book entitled, “Killing O’Reilly”. Mommy see #7. 9). Deliver doughnuts to Chris Christie and take selfie. 10). Keep it real, keep it funny, keep it together. For god’s sake someone has to. Mommy has advised me that in order for me to accomplish any of the above, I must not spend 18 hours a day doing the following (see photo) See you next week, when we resume our regularly scheduled program of avoiding depressing news.... read more