WeeeNN 2016: The Presidential Blame Game

Its time for the new WeeeNN game show, The Presidential Blame Game, where the Kibble Party faces off on which President is to blame for our ails in this country. There’s really no right or wrong answer and the end conclusion is that each President has left us a short term legacy that may seem golden or rosy, but whose policies were ultimately fraught with long term consequences. So, let’s begin! MC Mommy: Which President do you feel is most to blame for 9/11?  Little Man: George W. Bush. It happened on his watch, right? That and it was an inside job. Conspiracy!  Bean: Clinton. He had a chance to take out Osama Bin Laden following the 1993 WTC bombing and was asleep at the wheel allowing him to continue his mastermind of 9/11. He was too busy getting his freak on to notice the scary undercurrent of what was going on around him.  Wee: Reagan. In an effort to assist Afghanistan when the Ruskies invaded in 1980, we armed and trained the Mujahideen. All those weapons and military training for their jihad against Russia ultimately backfired on us when they used that training against us.  MC Mommy: I will give a point to Bean and Wee. Little Man, inside job? Really? Kibble for entertainment. Ok next question, whose policies may have been contributors to the world financial meltdown in 2008?  Little Man: George Bush. He’s responsible for everything, right? He spent us into a black hole with the unnecessary invasion of Iraq in 2004. He also allowed a Republican controlled Congress to spend irresponsibly throughout their reign of financial terror in his first semester.  Bean: Once again, it was Bill Clinton’s policies that included deregulation of banks and financial firms that allowed them to become “too big to fail”. On the other hand then, he failed to regulate derivatives that ultimately caused firms like AIG to get to the brink of collapse. That and the whole mortgage derivative shell game played by Wall Street and horrible lending practices by banks handing out mortgages to anyone that applied. I put the blame ultimately on Clinton.  Wee: Reagan. I love him so, but similar to Clinton he was responsible for massive deregulation that resulted in horrible business practices that Clinton continued and made worse. So I will give the nod to Reagan that started this hamster wheel. Regulation has to be a balance. In the absence of regulation, humans succumb... read more

Tin Foil Hat Tuesday: Where Did Malaysian Flight MH370 Really Go?

Wild rumors continue to persist about what really happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 after it disappeared into thin air. To date, there are still search crews combing through the Indian Ocean hoping to find a glimmer of closure for the families that lost loved ones on that fateful evening.  Some of the theories include a cabin depressurization resulting in a ghost flight that eventually crashed. Others suggest something more sinister such as pilot intentional action that brought down the plane. The weirdest theories that have emerged include the following:  1). North Korea diverted it because they don’t possess a large plane and that they are responsible for a large percentage of the world’s human trafficking. Good ole’ Kim Dum Son is up to his old tricks again I suspect.  2). Vladimir Putin hijacked the plane on the eve of sanctions being delivered due to his aggression in Ukraine. Also there was someone on the plane that held secrets he needed. WTF? He already has Edward Snowden people. Then others suspect that MH370 and MH17 were the same plane. Except that it had an entirely different passenger registry. DUH! 3). On the internet, the plane registered as a 404 error which is sometimes used by the “cyber caliphate” and thus suggesting that ISIS has the plane somewhere to be used at a later date for insidious purposes.  4). The plane was shot down accidentally by the US doing military training exercises with Thailand. Wouldn’t be the first time a passenger plane was shot down by mistake. Just ask Russia about the other fateful Malaysian Airlines shot down over the Ukraine a few months later. Although replace “military exercise” with “military aggression” in that scenario.  5). My personal favorite; alien abduction. After a recent increase in UFO sightings over Malaysia, as ridiculous as this sounds, its no more ridiculous than the other theories posed. This one is compelling to the tin foil enthusiasts.  6). Finally, the most ridiculous. False Flag Alert! Israel hijacked the plane and was planning a 9/11 style terror attack to blame on Iran. After all, there were 2 Iranian passengers on the flight traveling on “forged” passports. Even crazier was that a tin foil hat source indicated that an exact sized plane (777 Boeing) has been stored in an Israeli hangar since November of 2013.  I’m going to go with #5. It’s clearly aliens people. After all, isn’t that the best source of conspiracies these... read more

News of the Wee: Israel, We Need to Talk

Dear Israel, I don’t want you to take offense to this letter. I am only trying to make sense of why the US/Israel relationship is so tenuous at this critical juncture in history. To do that, I have to point out some fallacies and some things that might make people on both sides uncomfortable or agitated. First, I would like to say that I have nothing but the upmost respect for the Israeli people. The struggles and the horrors that your people have faced is unimaginable. Yet you continue to persevere and do whatever is necessary to preserve your way of life. It’s truly admirable. That being said, I also understand why you do not want the US to continue their negotiations with Iran over a potential nuclear deal and lessening of economic sanctions that continue to cripple any potential evolution. They are your sworn enemy and one of the reasons why your country is in perpetual conflict with groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. But please understand, the US is also bearing a cross. We are being perpetually targeted by Sunni Extremists groups who want to see us and our way of life wiped off the planet. So much so, ISIS has threatened that one day they will be hoisting their flag over the White House after they behead our Commander in Chief. They have beheaded our citizens in grisly and despicable videos distributed across the world. They are a clear and present danger not only to the US, but to our allies in Europe. They are growing like a malignant cancer and unless they are stopped, will continue to flourish and grow until it’s a death sentence for us all.  In terms of our friendship, we have always been there for you both in support and in aid. The US has continued to provide your country billions in direct aid annually and even more billions annually in indirect aid. But when the US needs support in fighting the growing and ever present threat of terrorism against our country, you are nowhere to be found. Why is that? Did Israel assist us in Iraq? In Afghanistan? Now with our fight to stop and degrade ISIS? Israel, where are you? Show me that unconditional ally support when we need you most. Which is now.  This is where we have to admit that we are growing apart. That we have different needs and different strategies to protect our own national security interests.... read more

And Iran, Iran So Far Away

As alluded to a couple weeks ago, Wee is going to make some of her opinions on Iran known to the masses and it may not sit well with a lot of readers. But before, you go and write off this feline, please sit back and thoughtfully evaluate whether your position is one based on rhetoric, propaganda or reality. You will hear this phrase a lot from Wee in future posts concerning US foreign policy; maybe it’s time to “change the narrative”. As I always point out, while thoroughly plagiarizing Einstein, “the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result”. And with that, I lay out my case for a nuclear deal and softening position on Iranian sanctions. (Note, that I didn’t just say, “give them nukes”). 1). Iran is a country with 70% of the population under the age of 40. More than 40% under the age of 24!! 2). Iran, in many ways, is more progressive than our “ally” Saudi Arabia. 3). In Iran, a woman can not only vote, but can create and run her own business. 4). While the hardliners still push the “narrative” of “Death to America”, the younger, more progressive population is open to embracing better relations between the two countries. In order to understand the present, we must first go back in history. Here is a dumbed down feline summary of what went awry between the US and Iran: 1).1953 – We (CIA) help to overthrow Iranian Prime Minister, Mohammed Mossadeq over fears on  continued “nationlization” of oil and influence by the Russians. COMMUNIST ALERT! 2). US props ups the Shah who is now in control of Iran. In an effort to make Iran a global power, he pushes modernization, women’s suffrage…all good things on the surface. The Shah simultaneously worked to suppress opposition (i.e. anyone with a brain or thoughts contrary to the government in power were imprisoned). Sound familiar? Yes we employed the same anti-communist busting techniques in the countries of Chile and Argentina in the 60′s and 70′s (read Pinochet – Chile, Dirty War – Argentina). Throw controversial policies in with a dose of healthy corruption and oppression and soon you have an uprising of angry disenchanted Shiites. 3). Cue the 1979 overthrow of the Shah in favor of the Ayatollah and the beginning of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And the beginning of the end of the US/Iranian relationship.... read more

News of the Wee: It’s Peanut Butter Jelly TIme

Yes, you can thank me for allowing this annoying ear worm to infiltrate your head for the day. Enjoy trying to eradicate it out for the next hour. Let’s get to it while the song is still playing repeatedly in your head: Wee on ISIS code words used by terror suspect (and American) Tarek Mahenna and likely many others: If you didn’t catch this news story this week, I suggest you climb out of the rock you’ve been hiding under and get up to speed. Unless you live in the northern states, in which case I suggest you stay there because winter is coming early sadly. Authorities released this week that convicted Boston terror suspect, Tarek Mehanna used a variety of “code words” to mask his communications with terror groups in the Middle East and Africa. For example, Peanut Butter and Jelly = Jihad. P-town refers to Pakistan and not fluffy Provincetown. The YMCA is no longer just a drunken wedding song or workout place, it’s now just shitty Yemen. Culinary school is believed to mean training camp. Like it’s doppelganger, it involves knives, but the only thing served on the menu is fear. And fear is not very tasty. And the side dishes suck. In light of the above codes used by suspected terrorists, I will now create my own code for the remainder of this post (and most likely subsequent posts). ISIS/ISIL will now be referred to as hemorrhoids. Air strikes by the coalition will be referred to as Preparation H. Boots on the ground will simply be a deeper attack at the root of the problem and will be referred to as suppositories. Unfortunately, hemorrhoids seem to be taking a page from Hamas (now to be renamed in code to Hummus) by blending in with society around them, hiding artillery within the masses and further making it more difficult for Preparation H to target them. This unfortunately will likely result in the need for the use of suppositories. Whether or not our country is weary from overuse of suppositories the last 13 years, it remains the only logical and effective long-term solution to eradicating the current hemorrhoids. And Wee is not a hawk. I hate the fact that we have to use any treatment against hemorrhoids or that hemorrhoids still exist. I’m simply using common sense and logic as it relates to a more intensive and effective treatment of them. Especially ones you can’t see. The... read more