WeeeNN 2016: The Debate Hour One Recap

And we’re off!  Jake Tapper as the emcee going over the rules including that they can now debate (fight) one another.  Intros……yawn. Kibble. Who the hell dressed Ben Carson? Worst dressed of the night. Donald touting his book “Art of the Deal” again. Sounded like Cruz said he has a husband named Heidi. I had to scratch my ears to hear better. Scott Walker invokes the first Reagan (drink) although I don’t think he fits in the pocket of Reagan let alone shoes. Love Carly’s dress, Best Dressed. How does she look so good at 61? Kasich was actually on Reagan’s plane when he was alive, ha ha Walker! Chris Christie redirects the cameras to the audience so they don’t see him cram in that last donut.  Carly is up first, Trump bashing question. She doesn’t bite. And turns the table on Jake. Bam.  Trump says Rand Paul shouldn’t be here. Government needs to be run like a business. Says he has good temperament.  Paul punches back about Careless Whispers. Trump is a sophomoric boob that shouldn’t be near the red nuclear button. Trump doesn’t attack Paul on his appearance, but then does anyway.  Trump says he’s number one, Pataki couldn’t be a dog catcher.  Bush rips off Carly’s answer pivots to Obama (smart) instead of taking the Donald red button gotcha question.  Walker doesn’t need an Apprentice in the White House (good joke writer). Trump punches back on how back Walker sucks in Wisconsin. Record matters Walker, bend over and take a Trump spanking. Walker says Donald’s a liar liar pants on fire. Walker says he is doing great in WI. So there.  Kasich scolds the debaters acting like school children and scolds the debate monitors. Get to the issues already you children. Tells us to turn off the debate.  Christie wakes up everyday with Democratic guns in his face in NJ. Vetos everything the Dems do in the NJ legislature. But its not about him, its about us!  Carson concerned about the divisiveness in this country (how about on this stage, Ben?). Doesn’t want to describe who’s a phony and who’s not. Carly jumps in and says the people support the Outsiders because they like Pony Boy and want to Stay Gold. And no one challenges the status quo.  Bush has to answer for being a puppet of billionaire donors. Says they support him because he rocks it like a hurricane. Rats out Trump for not getting a... read more

News of the Wee: Dropping a Truth Nuke On Humpday

It’s Wednesday, I’m not bringing out that camel either. Instead, I present to you a very special Wee Afterschool Special. So grab your chocky milk and cookies and settle in for the night. I promise there will be no lectures on the dangers of drugs kids, but I can’t promise that my little kitty paw might sneak in a bad word or two. I’m trying, but I’m not perfect. This whole Lenten thing is taxing.  Wee on Netanyahu’s big speech: Thank god it’s over. You can’t say he doesn’t give a good speech, but it’s the same ole tired shit. Go back and beat your Iran drum in front of your own electorate and stop meddling in our already overflowing divisive political kettle pot government.  Iran has been 3-5 years away from a nuclear bomb since 1984. 1984!! They must not want to make one that bad Bibi or they have really bad scientists. In fact, it’s Mossad intelligence that reports that the Iranians are nowhere near enough production of enriched Uranium to make a bomb, let alone create civilian power.  And regular Iranians and Isrealis?  I’ll drop these little truth bombs for thought. Behind all of these war mongering idiots we elect over and over again are the people and cats that really just want to be left alone and in peace. This is beauts!   So my advice for today is to stop listening to politicians and cable media that spins this into a soap opera and seek out more truth in grassroots reporting, videos and reports. What real people away from political theater really think and feel is all over the web. Like Charlotte. But I hate spiders.  XOXO – Wee (The Queen) Catch me later this week for the news run down and reDONKulous... read more

News of the Wee: Israel, We Need to Talk

Dear Israel, I don’t want you to take offense to this letter. I am only trying to make sense of why the US/Israel relationship is so tenuous at this critical juncture in history. To do that, I have to point out some fallacies and some things that might make people on both sides uncomfortable or agitated. First, I would like to say that I have nothing but the upmost respect for the Israeli people. The struggles and the horrors that your people have faced is unimaginable. Yet you continue to persevere and do whatever is necessary to preserve your way of life. It’s truly admirable. That being said, I also understand why you do not want the US to continue their negotiations with Iran over a potential nuclear deal and lessening of economic sanctions that continue to cripple any potential evolution. They are your sworn enemy and one of the reasons why your country is in perpetual conflict with groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. But please understand, the US is also bearing a cross. We are being perpetually targeted by Sunni Extremists groups who want to see us and our way of life wiped off the planet. So much so, ISIS has threatened that one day they will be hoisting their flag over the White House after they behead our Commander in Chief. They have beheaded our citizens in grisly and despicable videos distributed across the world. They are a clear and present danger not only to the US, but to our allies in Europe. They are growing like a malignant cancer and unless they are stopped, will continue to flourish and grow until it’s a death sentence for us all.  In terms of our friendship, we have always been there for you both in support and in aid. The US has continued to provide your country billions in direct aid annually and even more billions annually in indirect aid. But when the US needs support in fighting the growing and ever present threat of terrorism against our country, you are nowhere to be found. Why is that? Did Israel assist us in Iraq? In Afghanistan? Now with our fight to stop and degrade ISIS? Israel, where are you? Show me that unconditional ally support when we need you most. Which is now.  This is where we have to admit that we are growing apart. That we have different needs and different strategies to protect our own national security interests.... read more

And Iran, Iran So Far Away

As alluded to a couple weeks ago, Wee is going to make some of her opinions on Iran known to the masses and it may not sit well with a lot of readers. But before, you go and write off this feline, please sit back and thoughtfully evaluate whether your position is one based on rhetoric, propaganda or reality. You will hear this phrase a lot from Wee in future posts concerning US foreign policy; maybe it’s time to “change the narrative”. As I always point out, while thoroughly plagiarizing Einstein, “the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result”. And with that, I lay out my case for a nuclear deal and softening position on Iranian sanctions. (Note, that I didn’t just say, “give them nukes”). 1). Iran is a country with 70% of the population under the age of 40. More than 40% under the age of 24!! 2). Iran, in many ways, is more progressive than our “ally” Saudi Arabia. 3). In Iran, a woman can not only vote, but can create and run her own business. 4). While the hardliners still push the “narrative” of “Death to America”, the younger, more progressive population is open to embracing better relations between the two countries. In order to understand the present, we must first go back in history. Here is a dumbed down feline summary of what went awry between the US and Iran: 1).1953 – We (CIA) help to overthrow Iranian Prime Minister, Mohammed Mossadeq over fears on  continued “nationlization” of oil and influence by the Russians. COMMUNIST ALERT! 2). US props ups the Shah who is now in control of Iran. In an effort to make Iran a global power, he pushes modernization, women’s suffrage…all good things on the surface. The Shah simultaneously worked to suppress opposition (i.e. anyone with a brain or thoughts contrary to the government in power were imprisoned). Sound familiar? Yes we employed the same anti-communist busting techniques in the countries of Chile and Argentina in the 60′s and 70′s (read Pinochet – Chile, Dirty War – Argentina). Throw controversial policies in with a dose of healthy corruption and oppression and soon you have an uprising of angry disenchanted Shiites. 3). Cue the 1979 overthrow of the Shah in favor of the Ayatollah and the beginning of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And the beginning of the end of the US/Iranian relationship.... read more