Catfire: The Cats Debate Guns. Well Sort Of……………….

  Tonight, I will moderate a cat fight between conservative Bean and liberal Little Man. I will also intervene as needed to keep the fight from becoming a TKO by one party. Our topic, what else? Guns…………….. (N’ Roses). Yes, you thought the cats would be fighting over the President’s recent executive action on gun control; but instead they are fighting over GNR songs on the news of Axl Rose and Slash’s reunion at Coachella which marks the first time they have been on stage together since 1993’s final concert at Argentina’s River Plate Stadium. Ok, let’s get started.  Wee: Best GNR song off of Appetite for Destruction Bean: Welcome to the Jungle, hello. It was basically Axl kicking down heaven’s door following the end of new wave, crappy pop and the hair band era of the 80’s. You’re in the jungle baby, you’re gonna die…………. Little Man: Sweet Child O Mine, hello. The first single off of the iconic album that has been repeatedly covered over the years by such artists as Sheryl Crow, Belladonna, etc. It is the quintessential GNR song by which all other songs were ultimately judged.  Wee: Ok let’s actually talk about guns. Tricked ya! I want to hear a war on gun cliches between the two of you with answers incorporating Guns N’ Roses songs or albums. Ready…set…..go…..   Bean: If we lock up criminals and keep them there, we’d have no problem   Little Man: You’ve been dancing with Mr. Brownstone. He’s been knocking, he won’t leave you alone………   Bean: When guns are outlawed, only criminals will have guns.   Little Man: Welcome to the Jungle baby, you’re gonna die.,…….   Bean: We need guns for our protection! You can’t take away this right.’   Little Man: Don’t you cry tonight, there’s a heaven above you baby.    Bean: We need weapons to protect ourselves from a tyrannical federal government.    Little Man: Sounds like you’re living in a Chinese Democracy. (snicker). But I don’t need your Civil War (hey, hey, hey, hey, yeah).   Bean: Guns don’t kill people; people kill people    Little Man: Some people just have an “Appetite for Destruction” and shouldn’t have access to guns.    Little Man: No one wants to take away your guns dude   Bean: Use your Illusion Bro………. Well, I think you get the picture. For every argument for and against gun control, lies a lyric, an album or a song from Guns and Roses.... read more

Fireside Chat With Wee: Terrorists Can Legally Buy Guns? WTF?

Another week, another mass shooting. But this time, it appears that ISIS sympathizers have committed this atrocious act. It was only a matter of time and there is nothing we can do to stop every possible terror threat. Particularly when we don’t even have every possible radicalized individual or lunatic on the radar.  But I about came unglued to learn that over 2,000 people on the terror watch list have legally purchased guns over the past decade. I read it, it did not compute, logic error…error….error. I get that we have a constitutional right to bear arms and I’m fine with that. In fact, I’ve called up my army of gnomes to begin stockpiling weapons and training again in case this shit doesn’t stop. Which I don’t see it happening. But really? You lose your “constitutional right” to bear arms when you mentally or physically decide that Americans must die. And that means both radical anti-government wing nuts and radicalized jihadist wannabes who want to kill Americans. But if you are not allowed on a plane with the humans because you may be deemed a threat, how the hell should you be able to purchase weapons that can result in mass killings of Americans. No, No and for the last time NO! After my total meltdown, mommy handed me some additional research on the no fly list and it was eye-opening. There are thousand of people on the no fly list that are not even remotely involved with nefarious activities. People like Senator Ted Kennedy  (RIP) and children under the age of 5 (although many of their parents may consider them terrorists of a different kind) have spent time on the list and there are very little provisions for managing this list appropriately by the government. If you have a black sheep family member on the list? You’re probably on the list as well through guilt by association. Maybe even your friends. Some on the list have been pressured to become informants when they have absolutely no relation to terror suspects or plots. If you refuse to cooperate, you could find yourself in even bigger trouble. If you have no relation to terror and happen to travel outside the country, you may find yourself not being able to get back in. Ditto for people not related to terror who are coming to the US for job interviews, family funerals and reunions, etc.  The most distressing part about this list... read more

Fireside Chat with Wee: Have We Had Enough Yet Murica?

Today is a two for as I present an older article I wrote in my kitten days concerning treating mass shooters as domestic terrorists. Although I was young and still learning the world and my place it in, I can honestly say that we do nothing in this country to address the mass violence that has become regular as my kibble feedings.  Let me preface this by saying, I completely support the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms. I do not in any way support any citizen that wants to abuse their 2nd amendment right to rob, kill and maim other humans (or cats for that matter). But, as a country, we are incapable of having a rational discussion about sensible gun safety laws. I fully support universal background checks. I actually think they need to take it a step further. Under no circumstances should a violent felon, a domestic abuser or anyone diagnosed with schizophrenia be able to purchase a gun.  I always hear the argument that stricter gun laws are not going to keep the guns away from the bad people. Like Reagan said after the introduction of the Brady Bill, if background checks save one life, it would be worth it. And that bill proposed a universal 7 day waiting period! We have to get a license, register and obtain insurance to drive an automobile (well I’m not allowed to drive at all – boo) because it is a DANGEROUS INSTRUMENTALITY. Guess what? So is a gun. And like the auto industry spends billions annually on safe, so should the NRA be taking a leadership position in similar vein on guns and gun safety. Guns should not be fetishes, they should be used with reverence and responsibility. Hunting (not cats, of course), home protection, target practice…YES! Mass violence, media elevating psychopath’s profiles, not addressing mental illness and general apathy for mass murder……NO!!! We have to be less in love with our guns and more in love with protecting the sanctity of life in this country. If that means Mommy has to wait an extra day to get her next pink gun, then so be it.  My final rant has to do with not treating these fools as domestic terrorists. Homeland security spends billions tracking down potential terror threats in this country and abroad, but is woeful in  tracking disaffected and mentally disturbed young men stateside actively spraying the internet with their plans to do... read more

WeeeNN Election 2016: Enough Clowns To Ensure Ringling Stays in Business

The Kibble Party is back to look at the busy week that had 3 candidates announce their runs for President in 2016. Earlier in the week we discussed Ben Carson’s announcement so we turn our attention to candidates Carly Fiorina and Mike Huckabee.  Wee: Carly Fiorina officially announced her bid to become the nominee as Vice-President on the 2016 Presidential ticket. She has no government experience and was trounced in her prior bid for a Senate seat in California. She brings “business” experience to the table, but even that has to be questioned after her abysmal turn at Hewlett- Packard which resulted in her forced departure and a sweet $20+ million dollar parachute. Everything that is wrong with corporations today. Wreck a company and leave a multi-millionaire. Where do I sign up?  Little Man: Mike Huckabee officially announces that he is running yet again, but only serves to further dilute a growing field. The question now should be, who isn’t running for President?  Bean: Both bring specific qualities to the table. Huckabee is certainly the candidate for evangelicals. As likeable as he is, his message is a bit one note and thus he will be a limited factor in the equation. He is also fighting for space with Scott Walker, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson who are also courting the same voter bloc.  Carly, despite her position as the anti-dote to Hillary Clinton, will likely be an after thought in a crowded primary. I agree with Wee for once that she is really auditioning for a possible spot on the ticket as a VP candidate.  Wee: Huckabee is popular in 2 states; Iowa and Arkansas. He is too polarizing as a mainstream candidate for his views. God, Guns, Grits and Gravy sounds more like a country music song than a theme a candidate should run on. It should be Economy, Security, Opportunity and Sanity. Sadly, I haven’t seen much in the way of the last one in many candidate’s positions and statements. And that’s concerning. Little Man: Neither candidate does anything for me. (distracted and now chasing a piece of lint).  Bean: It will be interesting to see what policies each decide to lay out, but I agree with Little Man. Ho hum. About as exciting as paint drying in a room with no air conditioning.  Wee’s Final Take: As pleasant as Huckabee is, his message does not translate success with the mainstream population. There are many people in... read more

Wee on the Issues: Guns and Term Limits

In continuing to put out a thoughtful response to the pressing issues that matter most to people, I give you this week’s Wee On the Issues. Wee on guns I have to admit; I struggle with this one, immensely. and it is NOT black and white like a tuxedo cat. You can have your guns America…. If you’re mentally competent to have them. If you’re not a felon convicted of a prior act involving a gun. We have to use common sense in our right to bear arms. It’s only a right as long as you not using that right to commit heinous acts against others. I would like to see more stringent background checks and registering of new weapons.. I would like not to be able to go to Walmart for litter and then stroll down 2 aisles to purchase a gun for sale on rollback pricing. The fact that you can do this in many states is preposterous. I don’t want to take your guns, I just want you to use them responsibly. You will need them to defend yourselves from future ISIL attacks and ebola outbreak-related riots. But there needs to be common sense in any policy that both preserves your constitutional right to bear arms but also addresses the increasingly violent and disaffected culture in this country. Yes, I’m talking to you NRA. You need to lead the culture of gun responsibility. None of this horseshit coloring book for kids stuff either. Wee on term limits: Yes please. The present culture of lifetime money-lining pockets and self-interest deals do not correlate to representation of the people (or cats). 2 terms and you’re done for the Senate and 4 terms for the House. Eliminate power brokering and votes bought by corporations and lobbyists. If you can’t make a difference in 8-12 years, you have no business staying in Washington. Representing the people should not be a lifetime career. It should be a limited public service with emphasis on effectiveness. We don’t need 89 year-old lifetime incumbents propped up like the dead man in Weekend at Bernie’s making our decisions. And knock out this partisan bullshit. Between the polarizing viewpoints and bickering is this thing called COMPROMISE. You know the thing where neither party gets what they want, but the ultimate result is for the benefit of all parties? Yeah, I realize that Wee needs to send to every member of Congress a copy of Webster’s dictionary. That’s... read more

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