Tin Foil Tuesday: Lions and Tigers and Dragons? OH MY!!!!

  Someone get Pete stat…..we found his dragon. Flying over the mountains somewhere in an undisclosed location over China, someone captured an unidentified object that was clearly not ET. So what gives? Is it CGI magic? Or is it something potentially more sinister?  Given that China is slowly squeezing the balls of America economically and now strategically over in the South China Seas, perhaps they have bred, raised and trained a new military weapon that hasn’t been seen since….well since the last Lord of the Rings Hobbit movie thingy. Think about it? What better way to save their military, aircraft and ships from destruction than by breeding the ultimate fire breathing weapon? Imagine the power unleashed by dragons setting fire to enemy cities across the globe? Eh? I’m not really buying it, but then again, I heard Wee on the phone again with China placing an order for something she said she would ride into Washington next month to try and save America. So much for the white horse. That’s so last century.  I report, you decide. I just hope for once this one is true. Because dragons kick ass. And I want to come back in my next life as Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon so I can win Game of Thrones. ... read more

Tin Foil Hat Tuesday: Let’s Start a Conspiracy!

  An article this week in the Washington Post, gives a play by play breakdown on how a conspiracy is started and then spread across social media. First, someone posts a conspiracy theory or an article on social media introducing the small mass of friends to the nonsense. Next, a few people share the article that agrees with their narrative usually within the first 2 hours. Then for some reason, at the 20 hour mark, there is more sharing. Finally, the conspiracy grows like a journalistic cancer slowly spreading until it reaches a big enough community that is “highly” resistant to correction.  So let’s test this theory out by coming up with a conspiracy theory that has some plausible element to it and then pump it up on steroids. Let’s see if we can create and spread nonsense to the masses and prove this study right. Ok, here we go:  China and Russia are in cahoots with Obama to take over the US and the World! 1). China is intentionally tanking their economy for one reason; to bring down the US economy that’s already built upon a house of cards. Since China has us by the balls with our debt, a bottoming out of their economy will only serve to tank our economy. The Chinese will rebound quickly in their efforts to make the Chinese Yuan the new global currency. The US dollar will be devalued making our hard work and savings an American nightmare.  2). Russia has decided to take the military front by first creating havoc in Crimea. Then by going into Syria to allegedly fight “ISIS” while they prop up Syria and ultimately Iran. We played the fool with Iran by relieving sanctions and allowing them access to $150 billion dollars. ISIS will continue to flourish to a point where the US will stand alone in having to take the war to them in Syria/Iraq. Since the US economy is already so bloated with debt, engaging in another full-scale military engagement will quickly spend us into the oblivion and to the end.  3). Once the US economy collapses, China and Russia will then move to the cyber apocalypse taking out our critical infrastructure (electrical grids and dams). You will not be able to keep up with future conspiracy theories (or spread them) because you will have no internet. And no Facebook or Twitter.  4). Finally after the mayhem subsides, Obama will announce he has to stay... read more

Tin Foil Hat Tuesdays: Apparently 2016 is Gonna Suck

As we wrap up 2015 and await the possible appearance of Nibiru (Planet X – which I don’t see a blue ball heading this way yet and it’s almost Christmas…hmmff), we are already seeing the “predictions” for doom and gloom for 2016. So let’s take a look at what our “theorists” have on tap for 2016 so you can plan your vacation time and locations accordingly:  1). The year of Nostradamus and WW3. Well, I could say if we actually formed a viable coalition to defeat ISIS consisting of Russia, China, France, England, Jordan, Saudi, Iran and Turkey, it could technically be called World War 3. But “loose” interpretations of Nostradamus indicate the involvement of Russia, NATO and Israel are the catalyst. Huh? I can see Russia and NATO given the recent kerfuffle with Turkey, but Israel? Oh and the Antichrist is supposed to appear before the year 2050. If your keeping up with the campaigns for President in this country, there are a few possible nominees there. Nostradamus also talks about a world wide flooding event as well. Could he be referencing the dreaded sea level rising and climate change? Or could we just be too loony to take heed of what a 16th century philosopher babbled about while he was high on medieval crack?  2). 2016: The year of the bio-weapon. Its only a matter of time before some wackadoodle extremist drops a biological weapon on someone. No not small pox or anthrax, that’s too old school; but some mutated form of a virus that actually brings about the Zombie Apocalypse. If zombies are looking for fresh brains in this country or elsewhere, there going to be sorely disappointed, particularly if its set off in Washington DC. Yes this is an actual prediction. Time to dust off and re-watch Zombieland for usable tips. Get your survivor plan and provisions ready. And remember to always do the “double tap”.  3). End times prophecies. Let’s face it, End Times predictions never go out of style and 2016 will be no different. This year its all about Daniel 9:24 which states,  “A period of seventy sets of seven has been decreed for your people and your holy city to finish their rebellion, to put an end to their sin, to atone for their guilt, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to confirm the prophetic vision, and to anoint the Most Holy Place.” — Daniel 9:24 If you do the fuzzy math... read more

World War Wee: A Cat’s Manifesto For World Dominance

Wee’s Plan for World Domination: 1). Step One – recruit and train army of gnomes. 2). Step Two- disrupt supply of kibble from manufacturers to retailers. 3). Step Three – organize and lead feline protest rallies across the country. 4). Step Four – get invited to White House for negotiations with Obama. 5). Step Five – Use camera footage from said meeting to create media-storm and popularity. 6). Step Six – Unleash gnomes on the world. Takeover Pet Smart stores countrywide. Nationalize pet food. Distribute wealth to other felines. Promote Mr. Bean to general of feline/gnome army. This week’s Ask a Wee: Q: Wee – what political affiliation are you? You sound like a socialist. A: I don’t have a political affiliation. Democrats want to take mommy’s money and spend it on other people. If those people can’t take care of themselves, then they can’t take care of their felines either. In addition, Obamacare has a medical device tax that will create financial issues with veterinary clinics causing them to raise prices on consumers. Have you been to the vet lately? Prices are outrageous. We need a single payer system for kitties. Otherwise, how will I keep my priceless teeth so white and shiny? My claws sharp enough to keep typing this informative blog. Republicans want to de-regulate corporations so that companies can outsource their pet food manufacturing and labor to China. The Chinese have no quality control, therefore kitties will continue to be poisoned by bad food. Republicans also want to regulate my hoo hoo and dictate who I want to marry. Not that I want to marry anyone (ok, maybe Mr. Bean) and my hoo hoo was taken by a doctor 2 years ago. The vet must be a Republican. Either way, the cats are getting the shaft. Wee mad as hell. Wee not gonna take it anymore. I’m gonna start my own political party where I will take care of my feline brethren. I will call it the Kibble Party. I will distribute flyers and create my own PAC. I will enlist the aid of other internet cats to join my cause. We will run ads that turn politicians into buffoons. Although mommy says that they are already buffoons. Viva la... read more