WeeeNN 2016: The Presidential Blame Game

Its time for the new WeeeNN game show, The Presidential Blame Game, where the Kibble Party faces off on which President is to blame for our ails in this country. There’s really no right or wrong answer and the end conclusion is that each President has left us a short term legacy that may seem golden or rosy, but whose policies were ultimately fraught with long term consequences. So, let’s begin! MC Mommy: Which President do you feel is most to blame for 9/11?  Little Man: George W. Bush. It happened on his watch, right? That and it was an inside job. Conspiracy!  Bean: Clinton. He had a chance to take out Osama Bin Laden following the 1993 WTC bombing and was asleep at the wheel allowing him to continue his mastermind of 9/11. He was too busy getting his freak on to notice the scary undercurrent of what was going on around him.  Wee: Reagan. In an effort to assist Afghanistan when the Ruskies invaded in 1980, we armed and trained the Mujahideen. All those weapons and military training for their jihad against Russia ultimately backfired on us when they used that training against us.  MC Mommy: I will give a point to Bean and Wee. Little Man, inside job? Really? Kibble for entertainment. Ok next question, whose policies may have been contributors to the world financial meltdown in 2008?  Little Man: George Bush. He’s responsible for everything, right? He spent us into a black hole with the unnecessary invasion of Iraq in 2004. He also allowed a Republican controlled Congress to spend irresponsibly throughout their reign of financial terror in his first semester.  Bean: Once again, it was Bill Clinton’s policies that included deregulation of banks and financial firms that allowed them to become “too big to fail”. On the other hand then, he failed to regulate derivatives that ultimately caused firms like AIG to get to the brink of collapse. That and the whole mortgage derivative shell game played by Wall Street and horrible lending practices by banks handing out mortgages to anyone that applied. I put the blame ultimately on Clinton.  Wee: Reagan. I love him so, but similar to Clinton he was responsible for massive deregulation that resulted in horrible business practices that Clinton continued and made worse. So I will give the nod to Reagan that started this hamster wheel. Regulation has to be a balance. In the absence of regulation, humans succumb... read more

Tin Foil Hat Tuesday: The Donald is a Plant (Gasp!)

The Donald has a secret, right? According to several conspiracy theories, the Donald is not in the race to become commander in chief; he is here to bring a wrecking ball to the political system. So far so good Donald! I doubted your presence at first, but an odd phenomenon occurred that has me enjoying your sticking it to politicians. At least for now or until we need your actual plan for the country that doesn’t include fantasy.  Conspiracy #1: Donald is a plant for the Democrats Ok I thought this sounded ridiculous, but several congress members have expressed this given his past years as a liberal. At one point, he was a big supporter of the Clintons. Hillary even went to his wedding in 2005. He used to be pro-choice, in favor of universal health care and even told a reporter that Barack Obama saved the economy and he would “hire” him.  Welp…………..If he is a plant, it’s a genius Democrat plan. He takes a wrecking ball to the other 16 candidates in the Republican field, gains the nomination, only to lose to Hillary in the general election. His numbers against Hillary are not very good. But here is the problem, Hillary’s numbers are only good against Trump, but her favor-ability ratings continue to plummet faster than a cheetah sprinting through the Serengeti. That and rumors of Joe “Gaffe” Biden possibly getting into the race, seem to debunk the theory that the Democratic Party has hired Donald to do their dirty work to make Hillary Madame President.   Conspiracy #2: Donald is a Koch plant sent to destroy the Bush candidacy, thus allowing their puppet Scott Walker to become President and do their bidding after the Donald drops out.  This one has some logic to it. But……I don’t think when Donald got into the race and polling at 2% that he had any idea that he would rocket to the top of the pack while gaining a considerable lead in the polls. As such, we know his ego is the size of California and I don’t think now he would want to do anyone’s bidding but his own. He could actually pull this off if he is able to follow up with substance on policy. Also, can you see this man taking orders from 2 other billionaires? Nope, me either. Donald is a leader, not a follower. He wants to crush the competition, not aid it.  Conspiracy #3... read more

Tin Foil Hat Tuesday: Are We Being Governed By Lizards?

A report out of The Wire indicated that over 12 million people in the world believe that we are being governed or entertained in some cases by reptilians. These shapeshifting reptilian humanoids hold high positions in politics and in the entertainment industry. Even your neighbor could be a shapeshifter so make sure you scrutinize them carefully before accepting their next invite to a barbecue.  The long list of potential lizards include; Obama, The Royal Family in Britain, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce (shaking her lizard booty) and the Bush family. Almost all politicians are likely lizards and  the Illuminati only accepts you into their secret organization if you got some green leathery skin underneath that power suit.  My question is; what is their ultimately objective? Jurassic World? V? Widespread gecko revolution? I’ll be honest; I peeked at mommy getting ready this morning to see if there was any hint of green skin. But alas, she advised me she had way too much wine this weekend so hence the green pallor.  Lizard People? A reality or a just another tin foil hat creation? – Cheers, Little Man To read more about the “lizard people” see attached. It even gives you a list of characteristics you should look out for!... read more

WeeeNN 2016: Bush League

Jeb Bush finally throws in hat into the ring now that he has amassed enough money to buy and sell some African nations. The Kibble Party panel takes a look at his legitimacy as a Presidential candidate.  Wee: Once the probable front runner, early missteps with the press and the weariness of the Bush name has dampened enthusiasm from potential voters.  Bean: He’s still a formidable candidate that has an actual leadership history and was quite successful and popular as a governor of a major swing state.  Little Man: I would rather vote for Duke, the dog from the Bush beans commercial! Go Duke, now give me the recipe dammit!!! Wee: If people give him a chance to talk about his record and allow others outside of Florida to get to know that he’s more like H than W, he may have a slow creep back up in the polls.  Bean: Agree for once Bean. He has two MAJOR things going for him; one being a successful governor of the most important swing state and his appeal to Latinos with his more heartfelt immigration policies.  Little Man: More conservatives are interested in Scott Walker for some odd reason. He’s not exactly tearing it up in Wisconsin. Unless you consider tearing it up meaning dismantling unions, running Wisconsin into a deficit and gerrymandering women’s hoo hoo parts.  Wee: One thing that no one has commented on regarding Bush is that he is building a home on the family compound in Maine. With the rules not allowing 2 candidates from the same state to be on the ballot, it obstructs the goal from getting the all important Florida electoral votes. As such, he has all but certainly signaled that if he is THE candidate, Rubio is his running mate.  Bean: And if conservatives are smart, they would realize THAT ticket wins Florida and possibly a sizable bloc of Latino voters. But conservatives can’t help being their own worst enemy when it comes to the primary votes. With this ticket, they really can’t lose. Little Man: Tacos, burritos, there’s something coming out of your Speedo.  Wee: Little Man, pay attention!! Bean: We’ve lost him to SNL again. The Millenial cat has the attention span of a flea.  Little Man: I’m listening. I’m just better at multi-tasking than you old cats.  Bottom Line:  Wee: Clinton/Bush – for those of you that never removed the bumper sticker from your cars in 1992, congratulations! It’s... read more

News of The Wee: Release the 28 pages of Classified 9/11 Docs NOW

The final 9/11 commission report released in 2004 was absent 28 redacted pages that today remain classified. Neither the Bush Administration nor the Obama Administration have acted on calls to declassify and release these pages to the public. Arguments that it would degrade national security have been pooh poohed by the few Congressman who have been allowed to read the full report in a locked room with a watchman.  Congressman Walter Jones, Stephen Lynch and former Florida Senator Bob Graham have introduced H. Res. 14 to the House Committee on Intelligence. This comes after the 2013 Lynch and Jones sponsored House Resolution 428 requesting that the 28 pages be de-classified.  My take? Let the people have the cold truth. It’s time and it’s very relevant today. The report will likely illustrate how we’ve protected the Saudi’s despite their fingerprints all over 9/11 and more recently the spread of Sunni Extremism to include Frankenstein’s accidental monster, ISIS. It will likely embarrass the Bush Administration for their relations with the Saudis. I suspect it will also embarrass the Clinton Administration for their policies following the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center.  But to know what we are doing now and why has to be predicated on our knowledge of what’s happened in the past and I believe it’s important for citizens to understand the context of what we are dealing with now and in the future.  It’s time.  Finally, the report should be released to give peace and closure to the families of victim’s of 9/11. Many of whom are in a holding pattern regarding litigation filed against the Saudi government.  Wee’s Verdict: #RELEASETHE28 For more on this on topic: read more