WeeeNN Election 2016: New Hampshire Primary Predictions

  Tomorrow is the New Hampshire primary and once again the forecast is SNOW. I’m starting to sense a conspiracy theory on the weather. Little Man get on that stat. Following a very interesting debate where the establishment’s anointed golden boy Marco Rubio came off like a malfunctioning robot, it can be anyone’s game tomorrow night. So let’s get to the predictions:  Wee: There will be no surprises. Trump has dominated the polls in NH for months at double digits. Bernie will win handedly as well, but may not see nearly the high margins of victory that polls are presently showing. Nonetheless, New Hampshire will Feel the Bern and Trump will Trump. And it will snow and that little groundhog is a liar. Seriously it was sunny last Tuesday. How did he not see his shadow? Conspiracy! Oh, and Jeborah will drop out of the race afterwards.  Bean: It will be interesting to see if Marco Rubio will be impacted by his dreadful performance on Saturday, thereby allowing a governator to slide into the second or third positions. My money is on John Kasich. The self described “Prince of Lightness” has put all of his eggs into the basket and is skipping around town with it like Little Red Riding Hood. Let’s just hope he avoids the proverbial “Wolf” or he goes back to Ohio on Wednesday. And Bernie wins the Dems. Little Man: Rubio upset. Politicians are human and subject to occasional verbal diarrhea. Bern, Bern, Bern. Bern is the word. If Bernie doesn’t win, then I’m throwing my support to this guy. Who doesn’t like chicken people? Last week’s recap and score on predictions:  Wee: 2-0 (picked Cruz and Clinton correctly) Bean: 0-2 (Picked Trump and Bernie) Little Man: 0-2 (Picked Rand Paul?? WTF? and... read more

WeeeNN 2016: John Kasich Officially Rounds Out our 16, Buckeye Style

This week the Kibble Party rounds out their NCAA bracket with Ohio Governor John Kasich’s announcement he will also be joining the circus maximus. We are practically dizzy at this point and can’t keep up with the July Madness.    Wee: Kasich is an interesting candidate. A midwest governor with an actual record of achievement to run on. Two decades of Congressional work where he pushed for a balanced budget as House Budget Chair and was successful in driving everyone nuts in the process in attaining a bipartisan budget (gulp) surplus in 1997. He then went on to spend a decade or so on Wall Street alongside his gig at Fox News. Then came back to Ohio to run successfully for 2 terms as governor of one of the most important and influential swing states. He crosses the aisle and looks for bipartisan support and ideas to solve problems. He actually solves problems.    Bean: Unlike Scott Walker, he has a record of achievement to run on. Unemployment is down in the state, the economy is improving and Ohio is in the top 10 for solvent state budgets. He also has more depth than Walker, more experience and is more polished and clear in his answers, even when detractors or supporters don’t want to hear what he has to say. He doesn’t mince words.    Little Man: He will have some trouble in a few areas though. First, many educators in Ohio feel he is totally bungling things. He supports Common Core and charter schools. So much of the budget has been pulled to charter schools that it’s leaving actual public school districts without proper funding for their own schools. So you are paying taxes in a school district where the money is not actually going to the schools your kids are actually attending. There is also too much testing that is strangling teachers from doing their jobs.   Wee: He will also have to explain to Republican voters about his acceptance of federal Medicaid expansion money under the ACA. But he has a pretty good argument that if you don’t help the poor now, who are you going to ultimately answer to in the end. He’s got a New Testament flair in response to other candidates Old Testament fire, brimstone and judgment. I think politics could use more New Testament quite frankly. You know, the whole love your neighbor, help the poor, etc.    Bean: I like that... read more

WeeeNN: Election 2016 – Bernie Sanders

This week the Kibble Party discusses the latest entrant into the 2016 clown car, Bernie Sanders. The Independent self-described Democratic Socialist has officially thrown his hat into the ring of fire and brings an interesting message. But no one on the panel has any delusions that he has a shot in hell to win the nomination let alone a general election. But, we might be wrong.    Wee: Most people don’t know who Bernie Sanders is, but if he were a military veteran and called himself Colonel Sanders, a ton of people would sign up for his campaign. Who doesn’t like fried chicken?  Bean: And by describing himself as a “socialist”, he has all but guaranteed that he will never garner enough votes to beat Hillary. And in a general election, “socialist” would be equivalent to saying your name is Pol Pot or Hitler.  Little Man: Despite the fact that no one even understands the concept of socialism and that many of the programs we as citizens enjoy in this country are actually socialized programs. You know, like Medicare, Medicaid, Post office, schools, the police. It’s such a misnomer. He’s actually more in line with European Socialism and in particular, Scandinavian socialism. Those people have high quality of education and life. They shit rainbows people. Really, I’ve seen it on websites.  Bean: And all that shiny happy people stuff comes at the expense of much higher taxes which goes against our version of capitalism in this country.  Wee: He reminds me of a grandpa that drank too much whiskey at the family reunion. But you know what, for all of the laughing and snickering about what little chance he has to win the nomination is a guy that when he speaks, makes a hell of a lot of sense. Let’s take a look at some of his quotes and then discuss:  “Let us wage a moral and political war against the billionaires and corporate leaders, on Wall Street and elsewhere, whose policies and greed are destroying the middle class of America.” Little Man: Yes! And this doesn’t solely belong to Republicans and their billionaires. There’s just as many Wall Street, Pharmaceutical and Lawyers funding millions to the Democratic Party. Bernie says he will not pander to them and he wants none of their money. Power to the people! Bean: The sad fact is you need a war chest Little Man. Sanders merely has an ice chest as we speak. ... read more