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Wee believes the US needs a 2-3 year moratorium on all foreign aid. Monies allocated for that will be redistributed to our country in the form of infrastructure rebuild contracts with focus on our aging electrical grids, bridges and roads, securing our borders and paying down our debt. We cannot possibly be the savior of every country in the world when our own porch looks like a tornado ripped through it. The US can be the best country in the world again. It just needs a face lift first. Sorry folks, we’re closed for 3 years to clean and repair America. Sincerely, Marty Moose.


Stop printing monopoly money. It undermines the whole purpose of having an economy and a currency. And stop giving out money to foreign relatives that can’t function even with our handouts. See above foreign policy. You want a real economic engine? REBUILD AMERICA. You want to create jobs? REBUILD AMERICA. Say it with me folks, REBUILD AMERICA.

Another economic idea. The National Lottery. Powerball on Steroids. President picks the winning ball on National TV. Prize to exceed anything seen before. Become your own Warren Buffet. All proceeds go immediately to paying to rebuild infrastructure. Four times a year during said 3 year moratorium on foreign aid. Don’t increase taxes, generate revenue. We cannot even deal with taxes until we start shrinking the government. Our overhead cannot support the tax revenue taken in. We cannot cut government jobs, until we have job alternatives in the private sector (See REBUILD AMERICA). Do you see a cycle?

Wee on legalization of marijuana- Legal weed for all

Since I enjoy free reign with the nip, its only fair that my human brethren get to partake in it as well. It should be legal and decriminalized. I realize that the Eisenhower generation still think its a gateway drug to worse things, but my observation and research indicates that it’s a gateway to overuse of Cheetos, Pop Tarts and Pizza.

By decriminalizing marijuana, we can free up our prisons for violent offenders, reduce the tax burden to run our prisons and avoid ruining the lives of millions of citizens that can never get a good paying job because of benign infractions that were overblown in the first place.

Medicinal marijuana scares big pharma. And for that, I applaud the states that have taken this bold initiative to allow patients suffering from chronic pain and seizures to be able to use something that grows out of the ground vs. grown in a lab with a lot of chemicals that are killing other healthy parts of you

Wee on guns

I have to admit; I struggle with this one, immensely. and it is NOT black and white like a tuxedo cat. You can have your guns America…. If you’re mentally competent to have them. If you’re not a felon convicted of a prior act involving a gun. We have to use common sense in our right to bear arms. It’s only a right as long as you not using that right to commit heinous acts against others. I would like to see more stringent background checks.. I would like not to be able to go to Walmart for litter and then stroll down 2 aisles to purchase a gun for sale on rollback pricing. I would like my brief trips to Target and Chipotle free from open carry nuts toting rifles who will probably accidentally kill someone in the process at some point. IF I were in Kabul, this would be perfectly acceptable behavior, but not while mommy is eating her burrito bowl. 

I don’t want to take your guns, I just want you to use them responsibly. You will need them to defend yourselves from future ISIL attacks and ebola outbreak-related riots. But there needs to be common sense in any policy that both preserves your constitutional right to bear arms but also addresses the increasingly violent and disaffected culture in this country. Yes, I’m talking to you NRA. You need to lead the culture of gun responsibility. None of this horseshit coloring book for kids stuff either.

Wee on term limits

Yes please. The present culture of lifetime money-lining pockets and self-interest deals do not correlate to representation of the people (or cats). 2 terms and you’re done for the Senate and 4 terms for the House. Eliminate power brokering and votes bought by corporations and lobbyists. If you can’t make a difference in 8-12 years, you have no business staying in Washington. Representing the people should not be a lifetime career. It should be a limited public service with emphasis on effectiveness. We don’t need 89 year-old lifetime incumbents propped up like the dead man in Weekend at Bernie’s making our decisions.

And knock out this partisan bullshit. Between the polarizing viewpoints and bickering is this thing called COMPROMISE. You know the thing where neither party gets what they want, but the ultimate result is for the benefit of all parties? Yeah, I realize that Wee needs to send to every member of Congress a copy of Webster’s dictionary. That’s why we need term limits. Period. Oh and you will be voted off the island similar to Survivor. Please pass your torch to someone not bought and paid for……

Wee on Same-Sex Marriage

Why is this still an issue?  Couples that decide to enter into any type of contract are nuts anyway but if you are lucky enough to find that one true special person to be your partner for life, you should be entitled to the same legal benefits regardless of your orientation. Especially if you want to sign your life away. And be thankful when a gay couple moves into your neighborhood. That means you are about to see a neighborhood renaissance which will ultimately increase your property values. And don’t get me started on the fabulousness. Revel in it. Celebrate life and stop worrying and judging about who’s doing what. Worry about yo damn selves’! You should not fear that same sex marriage will degrade the sanctity of marriage; straight people on their 4th or 5th marriage have already done so.

Wee on the Iran Nuclear Deal

I think my position is pretty clearly stated throughout prior missives. If we give them some sanction relief in exchange for not building a bomb, the country may have a chance to evolve over the next 10 years. They have a very young population with more liberal leanings, women are not treated like second class citizens (ahem Saudi Arabia), the ayatollahs are practically the Walking Dead and they will be out of water in the next decade desperately needing infrastructure for survival. Plus, if you haven’t noticed, they are assisting the Iraqi’s in driving out ISIS from Iraq while our “fauxalition” partners do very little. Give them a chance to sit at the adult table. If they act up, banish them back to Fisher Price. It’s their choice. The Lord Giveth and the P5+1  (Germany, France, UK, US, Russia and China) can take it away.

Wee on Education

Ok, who the hell came up with this Common Core nonsense? We had been teaching the same methods to kids forever and suddenly we want to make it more complicated to solve a basic math problem? No wonder our country is starting to lag behind. Get back to the basics. Determine early on a child’s aptitude for certain subjects and direct them with a path of learning that takes them to that place where they will succeed. Whether that would be engineering or science. Or plumbing and electricity. Or teaching and social service. If you see a child that says he/she wants to be an astronaut but cannot master basic math skills, you might want to direct them early on into something they would be good at doing. Even if it’s slinging rubber bands at other children. He/she could be a future sharp-shooter.
                                                                              WTF is this? Seriously?
And I like the idea of free community college for 2 years for those who want to work for it. Have you seen the price of college these days? We’ve allowed it to get so out of control that our future generations are saddled with enough debt that they will never move out of their parent’s house, let alone afford their own housing. Let’s move the National Lottery to Monthly to help fund it. If we can’t help kids with affordable education, we will collapse as a society. A really unintelligent one I might add. Idiocracy in fact.

Wee on Corporations

I would love a world of unfettered capitalism, but the reality is that big corporations and banks can’t be trusted. Everytime we “lighten up” regulations we get a Savings and Loan scandal or a Housing Collapse or an Enron. The reality is that humans left unchecked will probably not do good by humanity. They have proven that greed outweighs their moral obligation to society.  And that’s our biggest failure of the latter part of the 20th Century and the into the 21st. On the other hand, government is beyond abysmal when it comes to running things. So the answer is certainly not MORE government. There has to be a balance and it has to make sense. We can’t have billionaires dumping toxic waste being into our waters without regulation. But we can’t have government nationalizing industries and breaking the system either. Regulation comes as a result of humans behaving badly, so humans…..stop screwing it up for the rest of us and maybe we won’t need as much regulation. But there is no punishment for fraudsters in this country. People engaged in reckless and illegal behavior that results in global economic instability should GO TO JAIL! Instead they get a golden parachute for pressing the red nuclear economic button and they open wineries in Argentina or hang out with other flunkies in Spain. How does that deter future behavior? Exactly…..PRISON PEOPLE.
Feel free to ask Wee a question on any position not listed. She will respond to all inquiries. Even trolling ones. Especially trolling trolls.