About Us

Wee The Queen:

Wee is a 5 year old Snowshoe Siamese who is both outspoken and excessively lazy. ¬†Wee was picked up by authorities at age 1 while prostituting herself in a Sears Parking Lot. She was detained for approximately 60 days until she could be sterilized and prevented from mass population. Authorities feared she could be the start of a feline revolution that would eventually overtake humans. Wee enjoys a more libertarian stance on life and does not subscribe to the philosophy of too much governance. This is often displayed by her resistance to pee inside the litter box. Wee unsuccessfully ran for President in 2016. Trump complained she was “way too low energy”.


I do my best thinking in the sink.

I do my best thinking in the sink.

Mr. Bean:

Mr. Bean is a 12 year old ebony showboat who was picked up near the Scientology Center in Clearwater, FL at age 8. There had been speculation that perhaps he was the re-incarnation of L. Ron Hubbard. His thetan levels were off the charts. Mr. Bean is a staunch establishment conservative kitty whose idols include; Ronald Reagan, Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell, Lindsey Graham and Madonna. He has a vast bolo hat collection and thoroughly enjoys  dancing around the house in his feather boas to his Barbara Streisand CD collection. He keeps talking about some Log Cabin group he joined.

Hey good lookin, guess what's cookin? Oh shit, it's me.

Hey good lookin, guess what’s cookin? Oh shit, it’s me.


Little Man:

Little Man is a 3 year old tuxedo always dressed for business. Although, it’s mostly monkey business. A passionate anti-greed activist, he has created the grass roots organization Occupy Kibble. He stages daily protests in the kitchen over the service of generic kibble v. the much more palatable wet food. He has also been responsible for organizing looting and rioting, most recently of the Christmas tree and decorations. He is a rampant conspiracy theory lover and is convinced that cats are really tools of the aliens.

Tin Foil Tuesday: Are Time Travelers Roaming the Planet? (GASP!)



Daisy is just a kitten but is a real fashionista. She enjoys wearing the newest cat fashions and will be our correspondent for award shows. Her favorite dress of all time was Lady Gaga’s meat dress. She just wished she wore it in a locked room with a hundred hungry cats.

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