Tin Foil Tuesday: Tom Hanks Saves The Week By Freaking Everyone Out







God love Tom Hanks. His cryptic photo of an unusual windowless building in New York City that is creepy as hell sent the Twitterverse into a frenzy.

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When you ask the question, you get amazing answers. Like the following: 

@tomhanks I’m pretty sure Danaerys Targaryan keeps her dragons there.

@tomhanks It’s where they make TV remotes that don’t work

@tomhanks You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave.

@tomhanks This has to be a Scientology temple where they perform audits with E-meters and draw up battle plans to fight aliens led by Xenu..

@tomhanks They make crotchet penguins….

@tomhanks World Jenga championships…. scary stuff ? x

And my personal favorite: 

@tomhanks The national covfefe center 


So what is this building you ask? And why has nobody ever talked about it before? It was apparently originally constructed by AT&T to house long distance carrier equipment. Yeah, and I have a tin foil hat to sell you people…….It’s probably an NSA bunker where they are knee deep in your cell phone’s photos right now. Yes, even the ones you think you’ve “deleted” (no, not the cat photos).  There’s probably a whole floor of the building dedicated to the avalanche of Anthony Weiner’s dick pics alone. 

The building allegedly can withstand a nuclear fallout for up to 2 weeks with full provisions and the ability to stay off the grid for that period of time. So it’s basically a building that we will never see the inside of because we aren’t politicians or billionaires or Edward Snowden-types. Or maybe it really houses Zuul from Ghostbusters……I thought that building looked familiar.

Cheers – Little Man



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