Tin Foil Tuesday: The Return of Nessie (Gasp!)


Guess who is back in the news? Yes, that’s right, good ole’ Nessie the Lochness Monster. Not since 1934’s famed photo that captivated gullible humans for over 40 years have the people of Scotland been whipped up into such a haggis frenzy. In the past year alone, there have been a record EIGHT sightings that have my eyebrows raised and my kilt dusted off for a good old Highland Fling. Let’s take a look at the new “evidence”, shall we? 

Exhibit 1#: 

Footage shows the mysterious shape moving through the waters of Loch Ness

Either it’s Nessie, the son/grandson of Nessie, a levitating penguin or a Russian Submarine.  Either way, it moved around in front of the boat before disappearing again. Why have they not sent an expedition into the loch to find this thing?  


Exhibit #2: 

A whisky warehouse worker has taken this picture of one of the most convincing Loch Ness Monster sightings to date. (© Ian Bremner / ©

Umm. What the hell is that? 

Exhibit #3

Image result for nessie sightings 2016 and 2017

This little girl claims she spotted Nessie on May Day last week. I’m not sure if this is conclusive. But she has the same story as the others; it prairie dogged and then disappeared under the water. 

Exhibit #4: 

Image result for nessie sightings 2016 and 2017

Yeah, that’s stock footage of a fake dinosaur. Totally not Nessie. Sorry I got carried away. 

My take? There are just too many sightings and too many photos for this not to be an 80 year-old prehistoric creature. I have my Ouija board out and am summoning Jacques Cousteau to immediately come back and investigate this before I buy a scuba suit and a tank. Oh, and cats can’t swim. Cousteau Stat……Little Man




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