Tin Foil Tuesday: Is Hillary Really A Robot? (Gasp!)

  It appears we have a lull in really good conspiracies right now, so this week I will take the one that made me laugh the most. Hillary has seen her fair share of conspiracy theories over the past few months to include that she has Parkinson’s disease or brain damage, has a body double, has cancer as evidenced by her coughing spells. But the strangest theory to come out in the past week on Twitter that she is actually a robot that had a malfunction at a recent rally in Philadelphia.  In case you haven’t seen the footage:      My take? Stephen Hawking warned us of the dangers of Artificial Intelligence and by toying with this science, we would inadvertently create the downfall of the human race. But is Hillary really a robot? While she may come off as robotic at times in her speech delivery and shifty eyes may be just be a normal characteristic of politicians in general, there is no Terminator living inside her. Why? If she really was the Terminator people don’t you think that Arnold Schwarzenegger would’ve taken her out by now since this is his shtick? But maybe he knows she’s the Terminator and doesn’t care because if Trump loses the election, he will go back to the Celebrity Apprentice. A job that is now held by……..wait for it…. Ahnold!  Hasta la vista baby. I’m gonna rate this conspiracy a fun distraction. But keep trying nutters…… Cheers, Little Man (who may or may not be the Terminator, just sayin’). ... read more

Tin Foil Tuesday: Send In The Clowns (On Second Thought…….)

  What is up with all of the creepy “clown” sightings occurring in North and South Carolina? It started a few weeks back in Greenville with reports that kids had seen clowns behind an apartment complex’s basketball court while other kids were seeing clowns in the nearby woods. Soon concerned parents were hearing stories that a clown was trying to lure children into the woods with the promise of candy and/or money while another reported a sinister looking clown brandishing a machete. WTF? To date, there have been six separate “sightings” reported leaving police and residents both perplexed and unsettled. Investigations have turned up no leads, potential suspects or any evidence of the existence of scary clowns. So what gives?  One theory is that it may have been a  marketing stunt for “31”, a new horror movie released by Rob Zombie involving killer clowns. But he emphatically denies any involvement with the Carolina sightings.  It wouldn’t be the first time this type of stunt was pulled though. Earlier in August, a creepy clown carrying black balloons sighted in Green Bay turned out to be a marketing ploy for another independent film.  Then there’s the reimagined and forthcoming remake of Stephen King’s IT with a new scarier version of Pennywise. I dare you to google the image….. at night…. before you go to bed…..then try and sleep….NOPE! My take? What probably started as a legitimate publicity stunt has now spawned copy cats who are enjoying their ill-timed and inappropriate pranks. There’s nothing funny about creating hysteria. But I feel most sorry for people that have  legitimate careers as entertainment clowns. They only aspire to bring joy and laughter to children and adults and their business model is being threatened by a few…wait for it….clowns. Clowns are sometimes seen as metaphors for chaos. Like, for example, the Joker. We live in a chaotic society that appears to be unrelenting in its tumult.  From economic worries to fears of terrorism and violence, it can all be very unsettling. So its easy for these sightings to quickly become another fixture of panic and anxiety in our psyches. Its not at all helpful, depending on how you view the upcoming election that we could be faced with the prospect of one of the following……………………Cheers – Little Man           ... read more

Tin Foil Tuesday: Did Aliens Blow Up Space X Falcon 9 (Gasp!).

  Its been a rough year for Elon Musk. First, the debacle of his self-driving car that killed it’s driver and now Space X Falcon 9’s spectacular explosion at Cape Canaveral last week. While I appreciate we still have visionaries left in this country, it shows we are not quite ready for  George Jetson. But was there a more insidious cause of last week’s rocket explosion? The internet seems to think so. And we know whatever we read on the internet is true right??  While Musk stated that Falcon’s explosion was a result of a “fast fire”, nutters across the globe quickly pointed out a grainy object around the launch site that may point to evil ET being the perpetrator. His motive is probably not the declining sales and disappearance of Reese’s Pieces, but of the desire to shut down Musk’s space program so that he doesn’t get us to Mars and find out the truth that there’s a way cooler species living there.  Or even funnier, that aliens are anti-Facebook. You see, Space X was set to launch a Facebook satellite that would enable more internet access in Africa (or um, was it Mars?). The aliens didn’t want their Martians getting lost in a Facebook giant time suck of Candy Crush, being poked by humans, partisan political articles and incessant videos of cats riding on roombas they created!  Frankly I don’t blame their need for preservation.  If you don’t buy that ET did it, then here’s another take. Musk is getting into the military satellite business and potentially breaking up the military industrial complex’s stranglehold monopoly. So they dispatched a drone to stop his progress. That’s one way to kill the competition and one that has actual plausibility. You see Musk is a threat to the car industry, utility companies, big oil, NASA and presumably ambulance chasing car crash attorneys. That’s a lot of powerful people/lobbies to piss off. It would make sense that Musk has a giant target on his back.  My take?  New World Order must not be disrupted by a lone visionary that wants to revolutionize technology  in the form of self-driving cars, battery powered houses and satellites for anyone with enough money to put one into space. Hell I want to put a satellite into space and track all cats across the globe to document their shenanigans on my future WeeNN spin-off channel, Conspiracy Cat. But just in case you favor conspiracy A,  I’ll leave you the video footage which... read more