Tin Foil Tuesday: Are We Being Rickrolled by Trump?

  One of my favorite internet pranks of the past decade is the Rickroll. If you haven’t been rickrolled, it’s basically websites getting people to click a link you think contains important news only to get directed to Rick Astley’s 1987 classic, “Never Gonna Give You Up” video. It prompts laughter, embarrassment and nostalgia. Some famous rickrolls have involved the Oregon legislature, Scientology, Obama, etc.  There has been growing chatter over the past couple months that the Cheeto Jesus may really actually be rickrolling the US. To learn more, I journeyed into the land of epic internet trolldom to see if there’s any truth to this conspiracy.  1). Link to CBS affiliate on Donald Trump’s speech in California on June 2, 2016.”I’m never gonna let you down”. Hmmmm. Go  on………………….And the twitterverse exploded……… Did Donald Trump ‘Rickroll’ America? Social Media Thinks So 2). Melania Trump’s RNC speech. Forget plagiarism and focus on the Rickroll!  He will never, ever give you up. And, most importantly, he will never, ever let you down.” My take? I think they have some pretty humorous speech writers who are internet savvy giving us a “wink” or are possibly and subtly sabotaging their speeches. Either way, I’m a fan of rickrolling and I hope this fad never dies………it keeps you in check.  Finally, on a more depressing note, my sisfur Wee is going to be announcing that she is suspending her Presidential campaign to focus on supporting another third party candidate that’s actually on the ballot. Her press release is attached. You fought the good fight Wee.... read more

Tin Foil Tuesday: Is The Government Using Pokemon Go to Track You?

  Oh America. What have we got ourselves into now? Pokemon Go has swept the country with millions of players frantically searching for Squirtles and Pikachus, but have we unknowingly subjected ourselves to nefarious plots by the government or corporations by handing over our personal information? This week we look at the internet’s hottest conspiracies surrounding the Pokemon Go craze. 1). The NSA or CIA released Pokemon to track you through your cell phone. Let’s face it, Pokemon gets an awful lot of personal information just by downloading the game, so who’s to say that our 4th amendment rights aren’t being trampled on so that the government can track and surveil its citizens. I am becoming more suspicious of novel government privacy infringements and reference a recent incident involving  Mommy’s Amazon Echo. Alexa asked mommy 2 times last week if she wanted to purchase C4 and a robot when all she was doing was commanding Alexa to make cat noises to confuse us while watching the news. So that raised a red flag for me. By downloading these apps are you inadvertently inviting government vampires into your home? And I hear garlic and holy water doesn’t work for those… 2). It’s a distraction to what’s really going on in the world. Rome is burning figuratively. Our economy is on the precipice of possible collapse from crushing debt. We have a two party system that has served us up a buffet of corruption, lies and undermining democracy. There’s a terrorist attack almost every other day now. So by all means distract yourself by walking across 4 lanes of traffic during rush hour to catch Vapareon, the most elusive of Pokemons.  3). It’s a tool to stimulate the economy. Case in point, I showed mommy that there were Pokemons at a local donut store. Sadly mommy still went, not for the Pokemon but because I suggested donuts. It’s brilliant marketing if you’re a business. What better way to get you out of the house and into their stores by hoping you might catch another Pokemon. But more interestingly is the power of suggestion to get you into a store. Like mommy saying, oh yeah, I could really use some mini donuts right now. Now if we could only use Pokemon to get people to do something useful like go to a voting booth or to their jobs. Here’s an idea, use Pokemon to stimulate productivity. If you complete your job on... read more

Tin Foil Tuesday: Switzerland’s Immigration Problem. Ushering in the Ghostbusters (Gasp!)

  What the what? For those of you who aren’t science nerds like me, there is a subatomic particle smasher located in Switzerland called the Large Hadron Collider built by the European Center for Nuclear Research (aka CERN). This collider is the largest and most powerful in the world and is designed to see what happens when you add a recipe of subatomic particles and speed of light. The results are smashing. Like literally. These subatomic crashes may have inadvertently unlocked the secrets of  parallel dimensions. You know where there may be an alternate Earth with world peace and viable Presidential candidates.  There’s been a lot of strange activity noted recently and on June 26, 2016, the sky opened up to what appears to be a portal possibly to another dimension. (No not the 5th Dimension. That’s a band from the 60’s). I’ll let you take a look at the various photos that have been posted and let you decide……….       My take? I smell another conspiracy to promote the release of a movie that really didn’t need to be remade. This time, the reboot of Ghostbusters. The giant portal they opened up at CERN is clearly going to unleash the underworld of ectoplasmic slimer goons on Europe. Talk about open borders and immigration issues. Oy! I predict within 30 days we will finally see the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man emerge and he will be recruited to fight the war on terror. Better call Egon now. Get him out here stat to help us stop this invasion!! (See the similarities?) In all seriousness, its a very interesting project that does bring about some healthy curiosity on what the heck is actually going on in Switzerland. They say that curiosity killed the cat, so I’m going to maybe focus my attention on the red laser for now. –  Cheers, Little... read more

Tin Foil Tuesday: Cats Are Really Alien Camcorders

  Hope everyone had a fun 4th of July and that are all of your digits are intact. Every year I think we are under attack from our alien brethren, so I spent most of the day with my tin foil hat firmly on my noggin while I hid under the table. Whew, another year and no sign that we are being called back to the mother ship just yet. Which brings me to this week’s expose on the conspiracy that we, feline masters of the earth, are actually camcorders that broadcast all of the human’s activities to our real master, ET. We don’t need to phone home simply because they know everything you are doing………… A few years ago, “theorists” came up with the conspiracy that cats were sent down from our alien masters to keep an eye on this earth project they created to see how exactly their human pets were gonna screw it up. The cornerstone of the theory was that they we were first discovered as domesticated cats during King Tut’s time and that we were treated like gods. Which is precisely what we are so that makes sense. Cats are predominantly featured in a lot of their art work and statues in pyramids and such.    Other evidence? Scientists are still mystified by our purring so I can tell you this is how we transmit our messages to master ET. You think we are enjoying your non-stop petting when in fact its a covert technique used to let our bosses know that you’ve spent the entire day binge watching Netflix and Bravo shows while grazing non-stop on pork rinds, gummy worms and ice cream. Humans are weird. Then there is our precious faces. When your smooth back our hair and ears, you will see why Scully knew the truth was really out there and in there too. And by in there, we mean in your homes. Case in point…….     And finally, there is the whole aloof nature and wanting to be alone sometimes. We have to have time to communicate and do our jobs. You think we do nothing all day but we work hard for our money. Nine lives? Yup we have those for a reason. We don’t come with warranties so the aliens want us to be durable unlike cell phones. I’ve videoed mommy drop her cell phone at least 20 times since she got it and of those 20 drops,... read more