Tin Foil Tuesday: The Aliens Are Coming, The Aliens Are Coming!

  This week I ride my horse into town like a rabid feline Paul Revere to tell you that UFO sightings are at an all time high and there is buzz from nutters that something is fixin to be happening soon! My favorite UK rag, “The Mirror” has posted a story this week about countless sightings in cities all over the world from California, Nebraska, Detroit, Liverpool and even Machu Piccu! Do the aliens want sun and fun, corn, to bring back the Beatles or do they want to hike an Incan ruin? Either way, these guys are clearly ambitious.  My take? It’s a publicity hoax for the upcoming sequel to Independence Day. After all, why would you want to see something you’ve seen before and without Master Will Smith? Seriously, do you think Gael from the Hunger Games is really gonna save us along with that nutty Jeff Goldblum? To generate more box office buzz, producers of the movie are subliminally leading us to the promised land of overpriced seats and unhealthy snacks. They want us to think we want to see this movie to help us prepare mentally for the alien invasion. Plus, there’s no shock factor of aliens blowing up Congress and the White House in this one, because let’s face it, that would probably result in widespread applause. So they need a gimmick.  Or are aliens ready to pull the plug on this nutty planet? They’ve sat back and watched us self-destruct for the last 12 decades, so that’s a plausible theory.  Or maybe they have been summoned by their leader Trump to help bring additional votes to his fledgling polling numbers. Maybe aliens aren’t really green after all? Orange could be the new green! So keep your eye to the sky and document strange orange glowing orbs in the sky. If you see something, say something and by say something, I mean tell me like immediately.  I will post your videos on my site. We need to post the truth! And by truth its probably commercial airlines or military plane exercises (Jade Helm 2: The Sequel). But whatever…… Feline Paul Revere will now ride off into the sunset into the United States of Kibble. Or into the full moon, not quite sure. Be safe out there humans! Cheers, Little Man For more on this story: ... read more

Tin Foil Tuesday: Matchmaking for Tin Foils!

  I’m back, but still helping mommy with our sissy Binks. We all appreciate the kind thoughts as she goes through this very difficult terminal illness.  Online dating is a billion dollar business that has grown to epic proportions in the past decade. There’s pretty much a site for anyone and everyone looking for their  one true “soul mate” or at least a compatible dating partner.  And there are some strange ones that include;  gluten-free dating, nudists, Women Behind Bars (lol), people who like to dress up like animals (not joking), farmers only, sugar babies, tall people only, zombie-lovers, mustache lovers (yeah me!), people with allergies and clown dating. Seriously, there are some funny sites, but whatever floats your boat humans.  In looking at conspiracies this week, I stumbled across a new dating site that pairs you with potential mates that also enjoy wearing tin foil on their heads.  Awake Dating is a site for singles looking for other “Aware”  singles that believe in the Illuminati, aliens, Chemtrails, JFK theories, birthers, New World Order among other things. You can even build your own avatar, create your own wallpaper and search near and far for someone that you can build a truly paranoid fantasy world together. Kind of like real dating mommy says.  I’m going to create a profile to see if there is anyone looking for a handsome, paranoid and truth-seeking tuxedo kitty. I will let you know when I meet my purrfect match. Until then, forge on my tin foils!   ... read more