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Tin Foil Hat Tuesday: Making A Conspiracy on Netflix

  Ok. I’ve finally gotten through the Netflix documentary “Making a Murderer” and it’s basically a conspiracy theorists wet dream. Before I delve in to deep (which will actually be really short), there may be spoilers ahead. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or if you’re a cat, living under a bed, the documentary focuses on Steven Avery. Avery was incarcerated 18 years for a rape he didn’t commit and while suing the Manitowic County for wrongful incarceration, he was arrested again for the alleged murder of Theresa Halbach.  The documentary focuses on a conspiracy and actual facts and evidence that Avery may have been framed for the murder by personnel from the Manitowic police department who wanted to avoid a sizable and personal civil judgment against the officers/detectives/agency named. Now this was intriguing and all and some of the evidence presented in the documentary left you dumbfounded and mistrustful of our justice system.  But I’m here to tell you that one piece of evidence presented in the first episode did it for me. He killed a cat. While they gloss over this piece that he “accidentally” killed cat by “accidentally” kicking into a bonfire during a prank, additional research online (everything you read on the internet is true, right?) shows that he doused the poor kitty and then threw him into the bonfire. This is a premeditated and vicious act that not only told me he is capable of murder, he is without conscience. So I spent the rest of the series looking for reasons why he was not guilty of Theresa Halbach’s murder. And for all of the conspiracy and evidence presented in support of his being framed, I couldn’t get past the fact he killed a cat and maliciously so. One of the hallmarks of a psychopath is that they engage in animal cruelty in the earlier years before they graduate to thinking about and eventually killing people. Avery, clearly an avid doodler, while he was incarcerated for the rape conviction, spent many hours drawing and designing “fantasies” of chaining and torturing young women. Hmmm. Ok, that wasn’t in the documentary,  So the prosecution from me says, HE DID IT. If you can kill a cat, you can kill a human. You have no regard for life. So with that, after the last episode wrapped, I looked at mommy and said, “He should get the chair”. And I walked out the room convinced that all... read more

The Kibble Party’s State of the Union

  Over the past week or so we’ve seen Obama’s final State of the Union and two debates. The Kibble Party sits down to discuss the State of our Union as we barrel closer to the Iowa Caucus on February 1st.  On the State of the Union.  Wee: State of the Union speech was happy, shiny, shitting rainbows. It was a fitting end to hope and change, but right now with the market tanking and the threat of terrorism rising, I think the country is ready for change. Like coins, my funds are taking a beating. Thanks China. Hey but gas is cheap and will be even cheaper soon after Iran floods the market with too much supply.  Bean: Agree. Obama gave a nice uplifting speech that is at odds of the temperature in the country. He looks exhausted. Maybe even too exhausted to golf.  Little Man: I kept looking at the striped ties of Biden, Obama and Ryan and they looked like a good move on Candy Crush. Tasty, Delicious.    On the Republican debate:  Wee: Infinitely more interesting than the Democratic debate if for nothing but the semblance of a  5th grade food fight in the lunch room. I didn’t hear anything new, so I switched over to Rand Paul’s  protest broadcast. He deserved to be on the stage, but the RNC continues to try and cram barely polling establishment candidates down the voter’s throats. I will stand with Rand on this one for refusing to attend the barely watched kitty debate.  Bean: I thought it was substantive and showcased the end of the bromance between Trump and Cruz. You’re a Canadian, You have liberal New York Values. I’m still on the stage (Jeb). The establishment candidates are in trouble.  Little Man: I didn’t watch it. I Tivo’d the Bachelor and watched it instead. They should give out roses to the candidates and send one packing after each debate. I’d tune in then. But you’d also have to ply them full of alcohol and endure men crying. No thanks.    On the Democratic Debate: Wee: Listening to Hillary’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard at this point. Although she has the experience, has good answers and is probably the most qualified of all candidates to be President, I just can’t get excited about her. Too much baggage.  Plus, who puts a debate on Sunday night? After sneaking through the two prior debates on Caturdays where no... read more

Tin Foil Hat Tuesday: Let’s Start a Conspiracy!

  An article this week in the Washington Post, gives a play by play breakdown on how a conspiracy is started and then spread across social media. First, someone posts a conspiracy theory or an article on social media introducing the small mass of friends to the nonsense. Next, a few people share the article that agrees with their narrative usually within the first 2 hours. Then for some reason, at the 20 hour mark, there is more sharing. Finally, the conspiracy grows like a journalistic cancer slowly spreading until it reaches a big enough community that is “highly” resistant to correction.  So let’s test this theory out by coming up with a conspiracy theory that has some plausible element to it and then pump it up on steroids. Let’s see if we can create and spread nonsense to the masses and prove this study right. Ok, here we go:  China and Russia are in cahoots with Obama to take over the US and the World! 1). China is intentionally tanking their economy for one reason; to bring down the US economy that’s already built upon a house of cards. Since China has us by the balls with our debt, a bottoming out of their economy will only serve to tank our economy. The Chinese will rebound quickly in their efforts to make the Chinese Yuan the new global currency. The US dollar will be devalued making our hard work and savings an American nightmare.  2). Russia has decided to take the military front by first creating havoc in Crimea. Then by going into Syria to allegedly fight “ISIS” while they prop up Syria and ultimately Iran. We played the fool with Iran by relieving sanctions and allowing them access to $150 billion dollars. ISIS will continue to flourish to a point where the US will stand alone in having to take the war to them in Syria/Iraq. Since the US economy is already so bloated with debt, engaging in another full-scale military engagement will quickly spend us into the oblivion and to the end.  3). Once the US economy collapses, China and Russia will then move to the cyber apocalypse taking out our critical infrastructure (electrical grids and dams). You will not be able to keep up with future conspiracy theories (or spread them) because you will have no internet. And no Facebook or Twitter.  4). Finally after the mayhem subsides, Obama will announce he has to stay... read more

Tin Foil Hat Tuesday: Sorry Folks, The Powerball Is Rigged

Ahh yes, if you are like me, Wee, Bean and Mommy you are sitting around this week thinking about how you are going to spend your $1.5 billion dollars after tomorrow. You realize if you are lucky enough to win (and assuming you will be the sole winner of the booty), Uncle Sam will sneak around the corner with a ski mask and jack most of your winnings at gun point. Yes, after taxes, your take away will be a paltry $524 million dollars. Boo…….kitten pittance.  But how good are your chances at winning this historic prize? Let’s say, you have a better chance at becoming a billionaire on your own than with this get up. Which begs the question, what if the Powerball is rigged? GASP! Here were some conspiracy theories floated over at the Heavy.Com: “the government rigs the Powerball to jack up jackpots so the IRS can collect more tax money and use that money to pay off the federal debt, or perhaps, as one theory posited, fund special black-bag operations that include something like taking over abandoned Walmarts in Texas to seize the state and make Texans stop saying “Y’all.” Umm. I believe the first line of this on how we’re keeping the US economy from total collapse, but not believing the black bag ops piece. Next ! Less sinister is the theory that “the government is using the Powerball to stimulate the economy”. That’s really just the above without the shady cabal stuff.  “the Powerball is rigged by the Illuminati” – Oh hell yes, this is true. If we combined all of our collective knowledge about the secret puppeteering by the Illuminati we would understand that they are taking our lottery funds and using them for self-serving purposes like; creating massive bunkers like the one underneath the Denver Airport, creating and destroying governments in other countries like Syria, Afghanistan and soon Saudi Arabia, committing atrocities like 9/11 so they can scare us into controlling us. Ok I went a bit overboard, but it’s a fun theory.  So I say to you powerballers, may the odds be ever in your favor. Because once you win a giant lottery prize, your life will become like the Hunger Games with everyone chasing after you wanting to kill you for your money. Me? I’d be happy with endless kibble. Is there a contest for that? – Cheers, Little Man ... read more

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