Fireside Chat With Wee: #Stoptheugliness

I’ve taken a bit of time this week before writing as I am still filled with a myriad of emotions that are boxing and kicking me around like a Ronda Rousey/Holly Holm fight. Sadness, anger, fear mixed with little bits of joy that temporarily mask the others. In the 5 days since the Paris attacks, we’ve seen the world essentially go through the first 2 stages of the Kubler-Ross grief process. Friday and Saturday, we spent the time mostly in shock and denial. This can’t be happening, really? For a brief moment, there was solidarity amongst us. It was the world against ISIS.    But by Sunday, we were back in full-on anger once again tearing apart one another versus focusing our anger at the actual guilty party. We never learn do we?    I was thunderstruck by an article written by a former French hostage of ISIS that almost rendered me unable to write this week. In his fascinating article, Nicolas Henin gives us a first hand look at what the Islamic State is really all about. He describes them as “street kids drunk with power” and “more stupid than evil”. They’re so technologically connected they watch everything we do or say in the media. They’re so deluded in their ideology that they think they are on the path to apocalyptic freedom to Allah. And our media coverage is only serving to reinforce their delusions.    And this is where we come in. ISIS thrives on our chaos and fear. They thrive on our ugliness in the media including the “overreaction, of division, of fear, of racism, of xenophobia”. Central to their recruitment is the perception that Muslims cannot co-exist with others in a community and by our backlash and Islamophobic actions, we feed into their narrative. There’s no bigger recruitment tool then hate, rejection and dissension. They welcome the bombings and their main goal is to draw us into ground combat on their home turf for the ultimate Apocalypse Super Bowl. What they fear the most is UNITY and cohesion. It keeps others from feeling disenfranchised and drawn to extremist cults. No, this is NOT a religion, this is a cult. A murderous, treacherous cult that is spreading like a malignant cancer.    So what’s the answer?  Realism. We are not going to win a war of ideology simply by bombing a country. It will only give us the adrenaline pump of patriotism that lasts about as long as... read more

WeeeNN 2016: The Republican Debate Recap

Wow. We saw something last night that I thought we would never see, a more civilized and professional debate from the Republicans. I think it helped that they were pared down to 8 candidates and in actuality we would like to see it pared down to 6 going forward to give us a chance to really delve into and vet the remaining contenders. So we give our quick thoughts on last’s nights debate.    Mommy: What was your main takeaway from last night?    Wee: That live tweeting is much more fun than live blogging. I haven’t seen that many one liners or laughed that much in a 2 hour period in a long time.    Bean: That it was mostly civil and much more substantive than prior debates. The moderators at times challenged the candidates, but did so in a respectful and less caustic way than the disastrous CNBC debate moderators.    Little Man: That Jeb Bush,despite his best efforts, is really smart but really boring when he talks about policy.    Mommy: Who do you think elevated their profile following this debate?    Wee: Rand Paul…..FINALLY. He drifted back into his father’s more libertarian lane and thus came across as common sense when talking about the debt, tax issues and military intervention. I half expected him to pull off a mask showing it was really Ron Paul underneath. I think this was his best performance.    Bean: I think Marco Rubio still had a slight edge above the other candidates and is able to pivot from being attacked to popular sound bites that not only get him off the hook from having to defend his position, but is able to bring raucous applause from audience members who didn’t catch the smoke and mirrors trick. He really is a talented politician. And he was really the only one that talked about the shifting job market in this techno economy and bringing back emphasis on skilled trades.    Little Man: Rand Paul. There are shades of what I originally liked about him last night that was lost in translation in prior debates. He’s not the perfect candidate, but when he’s not pandering and instead focusing on common sense solutions, he draws me in a bit.    Mommy: Anyone hurt themselves in this go round?    Wee: I think John Kasich had a particularly strong first half of the debate but essentially wiped out any momentum with his awkward exchange... read more

Tin Foil Hat Tuesday: There are Cities in the Sky (Oh My!)

This week our tin foil hats point to the Far East. Forget the Great Wall of China and let me introduce you to the Great City in sky. Yup, two cities in China have reported witnessing a “floating city” in the sky which is presumably the gateway to an alternate universe. Yup folks, we got us some real Interstellar stuff going on up there.  Spotted over the skies in the Jianxi and Foshan regions of China, footage of what appeared to be a large skyline of buildings floating up there captivated thousands of residents. If you can actually see through the thick industrial fog! The most common “theory” (cough) is that this is the illusion of “Project Blue Beam” which is a “secret” and “naughty” NASA project where they will try to start a New World Order by simulating a hologram of the second coming of Christ. See the Chinese are in cahoots with the US Air Force to bring this project to fruition, so their first tests are getting people to question what they’re seeing. Not buying that one? Ok, how about aliens then?  Yup, this was the work of ET and Alien in space that designed this sky “city” in another dimension. They are showing us they can build skyscrapers so high and quickly that our engineers and architects on earth are put to shame and left scratching their heads at the marvel. Since we are probably at least 500 years from teleportation, we just can’t comprehend what our extraterrestrial friends are really up to.  But damn the scientists for popping our conspiracy bubble. They relate this to a phenomena called Fata Morgana. Yes folks, it appears that this is just a giant mirage in the sky perpetrated by a combination of light and temperature. BOOOOO Scientists.  So before you run out and call your real estate agent to find out about the amenities of the brand new modern apartments in the skies over China, do a little research on Fata Morgana. So I will leave you with the video captured for you to make up your own mind. But make sure you put your tin foil hat on to expand your mind before watching – Cheers, Little... read more