Tin Foil Hat Tuesday: So What Makes a Person Believe in Conspiracies

Last week Time magazine came out with an article on why people believe in conspiracy theories. Before I read it, I had a couple of hypotheses. First, it had to be someone with above average intellect, right? After all, people that believe in these theories spends hours doing research on the internet perusing both legitimate and alternative websites. Second, it has to be someone that has a general mistrust over how information is disseminated to the public. Finally, something along the way triggered their belief in a conspiracy that turned out to be true. Thus, if one conspiracy was true, weren’t they potential all legit?  Well, Time reports that one thing they all have in common is a sense they have a lack of control over their own lives. Well, I can say I have little control over when I get canned food v. wet food. I have little control over when mommy will be home to give me these things, so I’d have to say that yes, I agree with the first point. The only thing I have control over is whether or not I will sleep in my perch or in the bed. Whether or not I will use the litter box or have a “planned” accident that will surely be blamed on the old cat. So under that criteria, I am extremely susceptible to entertaining conspiracy theories.  Second, they concluded that once you started believing in one conspiracy, say Y2k, the more likely you would believe in other conspiracies as well. So I was right there. Except Y2k never happened and the millions of dollars in canned food, gas masks and home bunkers was a total bust. The reality is that people develop irrational (and sometimes rational) fears over hightened situations like terror attacks, natural disasters, financial crises, disease outbreaks, etc. When you as a human determine you have no control over something you start to consume your thoughts with mistrust over those that have power and control. So we fear and mistrust government, financial institutions, the CDC and the FDA, the media.  It makes perfect sense. So the next time you hear someone spouting a conspiracy theory, before you write them off as a total loon (which is not to say that they aren’t a total tin foil wearing crackpot), just remember that they probably saw the second gunman on the grassy knoll, or they have concrete proof 9/11 was an inside job or they... read more

Fireside Chat with Wee: What’s In A Name?

What’s in a name right? Before we became the personalities we are and before we were adopted into the best home ever, we had other names we were called for awhile while in our respective shelters. While Binks and Little Man were adopted as kittens and don’t know any better, Mr. Bean wasn’t adopted until he was 8 and even then he was probably named something else even before he became a wandering outside kitty. So we will play a little game today to see if you can figure out our “shelter” names! We like to refer to these as our “aliases”. 1). Before I became Wee (The Queen of course), my shelter name was less than regal: A). Snowy B). Susie C). Sally D). Sunshine 2). Before he became Mr. Bean (or Bean for short), his shelter name was prophetic: A). Shadow B). Bear C). Noah D). Midnight 3). Before he became Little Man, this little yuckster was part of a trio of kittens; A). Loki B). Oreo C). Moe D). Gizmo And finally, before this matriarch became Binks following the popularity (not) of Jar Jar himself, she was a tiny little orphan hurricane: A). Molly B). Lucy C). Simba D). Opal Annie We would love to hear the before and after names of your fur babies as well. Sometimes a name is just temporary while we are awaiting our furever homes and with our final names, we become exactly who we always wanted to be.  – XOXO – Wee (The Queen) Answers: 1). B, 2). C, 3). C, 4). D... read more

The Little Man Files: A Retrospect

Little Man came to us a little over a year ago as a tiny little squeaky kitten with endless energy, sass and entertainment. He started out his career bringing awareness to social issues that he felt were detrimental to our country. Here’s a recap of his fine work as a budding little journalist:  Little Man Occupies Sparkle Paper Towels in protest of the Koch Brothers:    Little Man Occupies a Dishwasher to Protest GE and their outsourcing jobs and tax breaks:  Little Man Occupies Paper Bags to protest paper mills that pollute our waters!   Little Man protests Candy Crush because it’s no better than legal gambling!     Little Man protests Nestle’s gross misuse of water during the California drought!     Little Man protesting civilian drones:  Little Man protesting the Super Bowl by sleeping through it! We love our Little Man and hope to see me of his work in the future both on occupying causes and exploring the realms of alternative and conspiracy stories.           ... read more

Fireside Chat with Wee: The Argument For the Iran Deal

I’m worried that we are not looking at the big picture on this Iran deal. I’ve been reading a lot from those who wholeheartedly oppose it without a true understanding of history and geopolitics in that region. We also clearly never learn from history that the more we intervene and stick our noses where it doesn’t belong, the more we stoke the fires of Anti-Americanism worldwide. There is so much misinformation that is being peddled about this issue and most of it is driven by Pro-Israel lobbyists and private defense contractors (whose profit motive is War, War, War). Seriously, they have spent $40 million in advertising to try and kill this deal.    Listen, the nuclear deal is imperfect. In parts, it’s quite troubling concerning what they will be able to obtain eventually in non-nuclear arms with the decrease in sanctions and the unfreezing of billions in assets. But we were never going to get everything that we wanted. That’s not the purpose of a negotiation. It’s a give and take. It’s about as imperfect as you are going to get it. But here is some food for thought on the reasons why I feel this deal has to move forward:    1). The deal is in place to stave off Iran’s immediate ability to make nuclear weapons. Isn’t that the whole point of this negotiation? To keep them away from the bomb right now? Even if the can is kicked down 10-15 years from now, a lot can happen in the interim. Like peace. And the eradication of ISIS. Or snapbacks and international condemnation for cheating on the agreement. But the media and commercials and political rhetoric is like we just negotiated to GIVE Iran a nuclear bomb. Like next week. Via Amazon Prime. Which is laughable.    2). And speaking of ISIS. This “coalition” nonsense brings to light the fact that our “allies” in the Middle East simply do not care about this growing cancer or wish to help the US eradicate it. Not the Israelis. Certainly not the Saudis (who I firmly believe along with the other Sunni oil countries have a hand in this Frankenstein’s monster). But for Turkey not being subjected to recent terror attacks, they were nowhere to be found before the last few weeks. And they’re not necessarily helpful to us as they are simultaneously striking the PKK deemed a Kurdish terrorist group who has also been helping the US try to... read more

WeeeNN 2016: Debate Hour 2 – Paws Are Tired People

Hillary – Bad…Carson says she won’t get the nom. Educate people that progressive movement is bad. Destroying our country.  It’s all about the Economy stupid! Bush – Gonna create more jobs than anyone by lifting up our spirits, yay! Change all tax codes that kill businesses. Get rid of Obummercare. For XL pipeline so 40 people can go to work and we can deal with a major oil spill in this country when a Democrat is President in 20 years.  Walker- Wisconsin elected him 3 times but one was a recall election! Gonna grow economy by letting people create jobs. Huh? Mommy let me see YOUR job plan, stat! Christie/Huckabee fight! – Christie -Entitlement reform. Raise the retirement age to death! Woo hoo! Huckabee will save Social Security through consumption tax. Your cheetos bag just got more expensive. Big screen TV, yeah pay up. Christie – Government is stealing our retirement. Yup…Pretty much.  Trump used the laws to avoid financial ruin with his casino bankruptcies! Everyone uses the bankruptcies laws why are you singling me out? Says he will straighten out the 19 trillion dollar debt by using the bankruptcy laws presumably starting with stiffing China.  Rubio lower the small business tax code yay! Get rid of Dodd-Frank. Boo Uh oh, Here comes Iran:  Walker tied a yellow ribbon round an old oak tree during the Iranian hostage crisis as a kid. Take THAT Tony Orlando. Paul opposes Iranian deal but doesn’t disagree with negotiations. Drops Reagan name. He negotiated with the Ruskies!  Huckabee trust and villafy! Iran deal bad. We got nothing out of it, like jobs….or oil….or peace Social Issues:  Jeb – SOOO pro-life, conservatives don’t doubt me! Choose Life – Listen to Wham! Rubio – doesn’t really answer question, but says Constitution. Yes!  Trump – used to be pro-life, bad-gun you sound like a liberal! Became a Republican 3 months ago. Evolved like Reagan! 3rd Reagan reference. Drink!  Jeb called Trump a clown and a divisive buffoon. But we’re going to solve our problems with more uplifting rhetoric. Rainbows and kittens! Trump calls him a gentleman but that we don’t have time for shitting rainbows.  Kasich – if your kid ends up being gay, it’s the law of the land. Went to a gay wedding last weekend. Preaching love. Treat everyone equal. Yay Kasich! Rand Paul – Doesn’t want marriage or guns run by the government. So stop gun running DOJ. Stay out of it.  Walker on... read more

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