The Kibble Party Discusses The State of the Malunion

We are closing in on the first Republican primary next week and candidates are scrambling to get some last-minute momentum to get into one of the top 10 coveted spots. In doing so, the rhetoric has been ramped up. We discuss the latest shenanigans going into what can only be described as a potential blockbuster ratings bonanza for this first debate.  Wee: I’m getting frustrated with the lack of decorum leading up to this debate. I’m really yearning for a grown up to take the wheel before the clown car careens off the side of the mountain.  Bean: We disagree about a lot, but I have to give some concurrence to this. Looking at the potential top 10 candidates, there are a quite a few grownups that may not get into the debate.  Wee: Exactly. I want to hear from Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham and Rick Perry. All conducting their campaigns like grown ups and all may be excluded from next week’s debate. Instead I feel it will be a battle of who makes the most ridiculous comment to draw ire and anger.  Little Man: Let’s see; we have “Mexicans are rapists”, “Obama is marching the Israelis to the door of the oven”, “Mitch McConnell is a big fat liar” (well I can’t argue much there), “I won’t hesitate to bomb Iran on day one (Say what?), but I’m waiting to see who is going to outdo the ridiculous in the coming week. It’s only going to get worse.   Bean: Which will drown out actual discussion on rational, sensible and viable policies that serious candidates will be trying to articulate. It’s more like watching the WWF. Who’s going to get a piledrive or a power bomb or a body slam. This is becoming more about entertainment then a campaign for the Presidency.  Wee: Which can only serve to further divide the party in what could be tantamount to a political civil war. Is that the way to the White House? Not when your democratic opponents only need to sit back with popcorn and watch the unraveling. Its not smart politicking.  Bean: The biggest danger is to throw out these ridiculous comments and then not have any policy substance or actual solutions to problems. Deport everyone. Really? Do people understand how logistically impossible that would be? Particularly since a good majority of illegal immigrants are from non-contiguous countries that make deportation quite difficult. Its dangerous to throw... read more

Tin Foil Hat Tuesday: I Left The Illuminati (No, Not Me Silly)

I can’t…..I mean I really just can’t comment on the linked article. Either this guy should be nominated as President Fruit Loop of the Tin Foils or we live in a really screwed up world where none of us are aware of what’s really happening.  Similar to the “Skulls” (or maybe that was a movie), rich college students from elite universities were plucked into “secret, super secret” clubs of like minded folks picked to rule the world from behind the curtain of Oz.  The author here tells you everything you need to know about the Illuminati including how you get in and what the organization does. Here’s a snap shot of what he covers:  Barack Obama is not a member of the Illuminati, he is something much, much worse. The new “space flights” which are planes that can briefly enter orbit are not as fun as they seem, they are an Illuminati tool. Denver, Colorado is an evil place (clearly you pot heads) Aliens are a little different than what mainstream teaches us (what, no ET? Boo!!) Abraham Lincoln was not really murdered and lived the rest of his life in a bunker in Mexico. (Presumably the one El Chapo now resides in).  Saddam Hussein? Nope we didn’t really kill him. He is in a bunker in Argentina. He was a patsy used to justify war to control the oil in the Middle East. (Umm, WTF?) The biggest bunker in the world? Brazil. See this is where 5,000 of the richest, smartest and innovative people will be housed when the apocalypse occurs be it asteroid, alien or rapture-related. I don’t see us being on that list for some reason.  The Illuminati owns a machine that creates natural disasters like Katrina, oil spills and earthquakes in Haiti. (I really can’t make this stuff up).  Massive amounts of drugs are held in these bunkers where Warren Buffet presumably runs the world’s drug trade. Along with Ben Bernanke. (That darn Geico gecko is really a drug peddler!) Those secret bunkers around the world we know nothing about house coffins for mass casualty events and crematories where the rest of the evidence can be burned.  And my favorite, the secret bunkers house robots that are ready to take your jobs when people start disappearing or when we all get wiped except for the chosen 5,000 and are ready to fill in for our “labor shortage”.  After this read, I couldn’t stop laughing. Either... read more

WeeeNN 2016: John Kasich Officially Rounds Out our 16, Buckeye Style

This week the Kibble Party rounds out their NCAA bracket with Ohio Governor John Kasich’s announcement he will also be joining the circus maximus. We are practically dizzy at this point and can’t keep up with the July Madness.    Wee: Kasich is an interesting candidate. A midwest governor with an actual record of achievement to run on. Two decades of Congressional work where he pushed for a balanced budget as House Budget Chair and was successful in driving everyone nuts in the process in attaining a bipartisan budget (gulp) surplus in 1997. He then went on to spend a decade or so on Wall Street alongside his gig at Fox News. Then came back to Ohio to run successfully for 2 terms as governor of one of the most important and influential swing states. He crosses the aisle and looks for bipartisan support and ideas to solve problems. He actually solves problems.    Bean: Unlike Scott Walker, he has a record of achievement to run on. Unemployment is down in the state, the economy is improving and Ohio is in the top 10 for solvent state budgets. He also has more depth than Walker, more experience and is more polished and clear in his answers, even when detractors or supporters don’t want to hear what he has to say. He doesn’t mince words.    Little Man: He will have some trouble in a few areas though. First, many educators in Ohio feel he is totally bungling things. He supports Common Core and charter schools. So much of the budget has been pulled to charter schools that it’s leaving actual public school districts without proper funding for their own schools. So you are paying taxes in a school district where the money is not actually going to the schools your kids are actually attending. There is also too much testing that is strangling teachers from doing their jobs.   Wee: He will also have to explain to Republican voters about his acceptance of federal Medicaid expansion money under the ACA. But he has a pretty good argument that if you don’t help the poor now, who are you going to ultimately answer to in the end. He’s got a New Testament flair in response to other candidates Old Testament fire, brimstone and judgment. I think politics could use more New Testament quite frankly. You know, the whole love your neighbor, help the poor, etc.    Bean: I like that... read more

Ladies and Gentleman: Your Republican Primary Brackets

[bracketsninja bracketid=”9cea1ad416664250bd2a3502b02a3587″... read more

Fireside Chat with Wee: The Immigration Debate

I originally planned and carefully designed my position on immigration when I first announced I was running for President. Then a mishap with a delete key caused by a tired paw completely erased my brilliant plan. Oy. So I begin a new. With a fresh blank page and more perspective. And so I write. I know that I may alienate some fans, but we don’t always have to agree on issues. I don’t agree with Bean and Little Man half the time. But we still groom each other after having our occasional kerfuffle.  I’m blatantly ripping off Reagan. He, similar to Obama, announced an amnesty program for the millions of illegals already here with the message to Congress that we can’t put the genie back in the bottle. So get busy passing legislation to reform our policy to include shoring up our borders. Sounds pretty damn sensible, huh? Well Congress, in their usual fashion, passed any opportunities to do so like it was a raging inferno hot potato and never followed through. And this trend continued through the next 25 or so years where no one with any cajones has put forth comprehensive reform on immigration. So I will provide the following framework for which they need to get their act together. It’s not getting any better!! 1). It’s time to bring all of our troops home. Let our troops have jobs, right here in the US helping secure our border. They will be home with their families and they will not be subjected to lunatic goat lovers in the Middle East deserts who want nothing more than American blood. We don’t need a wall. We have the best GD military in the world who would gladly protect this country’s porous borders which would also allow them to have a more normal life. It would also improve the strain on the Veteran’s healthcare who wouldn’t have so many of our soldiers treating for horrific life-changing injuries and lifelong battles with PTSD.  2). Design a sensible path to a legal citizenship status that doesn’t consist of a map that’s written in Chinese. I have seen too many good people that come to this country, work their butts off, pay taxes and wonder how on earth they can navigate a maze that involves a dog and a tail. IF you want to be here and you want to work hard and pay taxes like the rest of us, then make it... read more

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