Wee’s Funniest Internet Searches

One of the greatest tools of blogging is being able to see where internet traffic is directing people to our site. Sometimes people stumble onto our site by accident clearly. Here are some of the oddest searches done that have brought people to WeeeNN. For some, I’m sure it’s a total fail! 1). Men’s Wee Wees (umm not here) 2). grandpa haircuts (we actually did cover that once) 3). Big traffic from China where they are presumably looking for relatives with the common surname of Wee (no Chinamen here!) 4). A ton of Jade Helm 15 searches to include; Does Obama want to invade Texas? Are aliens going to invade Texas? Is Governor Abbot preparing for invasion? Can the UN invade Texas? And my personal favorite, texas governor chuck norris tin foil hats (Chuck Norris as governor of Texas would be just plain awesome, especially in a tin foil hat). Lots of conspiracy traffic.  5). Old grandpa like sex (Eww, some people are just plain weirdos apparently). The scary part is how did this person get here???? 6). Joni Ernst Leave a Reply (We would love to have her) 7). Deflate Gate (Yes we were heavily involved in Tom’s deflated balls) 8). Anything (I tried google and anything does not bring up our site). Hmmmm   We don’t really care how you get to our site. We are just glad SOMEONE/ANYONE is reading our drivel.  – Wee (The... read more

Political Cat Shaming

Before we honed our political acumen, we were a bit ill-informed. In an attempt to throw in some humor to the recent cat shaming fad, we decided to let out our dirty little secrets to the masses. Check us out on Facebook at read more

Tin Foil Hat Tuesday: Prepare for the 2017 Putin/Obama Apocalypse

This week we look at truth in advertising. Many websites, blogs and organizations rely on advertising dollars to keep their ventures going. In some instances, some sites really don’t care who hocks what as long as they’re getting revenue. And many sell their email lists to advertisers. Take for example, Mr. Herman Cain. He of the $9.99 pizza and economic plan has gone all 6.66 on us. Last week, people who subscribe to his site received an email from an advertiser who has Cain’s subscription list offering a $50 apocalypse plan for the pending 2017 end of the US as we know it. So mark your calendars people and get your affairs in order. Shit’s gettin’ real.  According to the advertiser, Obama has been conspiring with church leaders (i.e. Pope Francis and others) to conceal the pending apocalypse where Vladimir Putin is going to drop an Electromagnetic Pulse bomb on the US which will disable all of our electronics. In other words, we will be in a state of panic not being able to check Facebook for new cat videos on our phones and tablets. That and there would be no electricity to speak of which would suck in the winter…. Then the Russians will invade the US and he predicts that 80% of the population will not survive. I suppose the 20% that do survive own cats. Because cats will not stand for Putin’s nonsense. So for a small price of $50, you too can purchase the “survival manual” to make you stealthily avoid being captured by the Ruskies and thereby avoiding “end times”.   First of all, Pope Francis? Really? He may the greatest Pope in the history of Popes. You think he is going to conceal anything? He’s outed more child molesters in the church than Perez Hilton outed gay actors in his blog.  Um, I’m not buying that one.  The bizarre part is that this is coming from a “biblical” scholar who indicates the Bible speaks of the mystery Babylon (aka the US, c’mon people) to include passages that reference WWI and WWII and Neil Armstrong on the moon! I’m not sure what passage that is but if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.  Listen, I’m all for advertising and making money, but when someone like Herman Cain who for a whole week and half led all Republican candidates in the 2012 primary season has his name attached to... read more

Tin Foil Hat Tuesday: Love it or List It- Mars Version

NASA’s images of Mars are bringing out all sorts of conspiracy loons from the woodwork. Recently Mars rover Opportunity apparently picked up photos of what appears to be a giant bunker complete with a panoramic window. Hell even in Mars they probably have a Hillary and David each encouraging the Martians to Love it or List it respectively. I suspect though, the Martians are going to love it and stay. Being that its 485 degrees in the summer, the lack of employment opportunities and a scant housing market. Plus Hillary really has fabulous design. David sure tried locating another bunker in the same area that offered more windows, but was grossly over the Martian’s budget. And didn’t have a pool or an open concept living space.  58 year old Andre Gignac from Canada has unveiled that not only does this bunker sport a fantastic picturesque window, but that there is a little green man seen behind it! But he doesn’t stop there. The bunker is really just the first layer of many bunkers, presumably at some point they will locate Archie Bunker. The bigger bunker is fully furnished with a crapload of missles, rockets and other weaponry. Even on Mars they sure do take their 2nd Amendment seriously.  I’ll let you take a look at the picture and decide whether or not it is Zillow-worthy. IF you decide it’s legit, I know a fabulous hat maker at Reynolds Wrap and can cut you a sweet deal.  – Cheers — Little Man                                            New Listing! Fabulous View, 1 bed/1 bath fully functional bunker                                             Picturesque window with fully loaded weaponry                                                             Won’t last! Call now for your showing! ... read more

Wee’s Fireside Chat: How to Answer the Iraq Gotcha Question

This past week, some of the front runner Republican candidates struggled with a pretty obvious question they should’ve been prepared for. In particular was Jeb Bush’s awkward initial endorsement of his brother George’s policies and decisions, followed by the backtrack and clarifications that came later. You knew that was gonna be a big question for you Jeb? You needed to distinguish yourself by offering thoughtful commentary that distanced you away from that debacle. Let George kick you in the jimmy at Thanksgiving for the tire marks from the bus, but use common sense.  Then poor Marco Rubio sounded like a defensive child accused of taking a cookie from the jar and getting caught with crumbs on his hands. The cringe worthy responses to Chris Wallace’s questions about the decisions made in 2003 made me sit down and write out talking points for future questions to candidates:    Question: Knowing what you know now about Iraq not having WMD’s, would you have authorized the 2003 war in Iraq?  Answer: NO. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. The focus should have been solely on Afghanistan to degrade the terrorist cells and training camps alone. If Iraq had WMD, so what? What country doesn’t have them. Iraq was a distraction.  Question: Let’s try it a different way, based upon the intelligence you had in 2003 about Iraq’s WMD, would you have authorized the war?  Answer: Emphatically no. Possession of WMD alone does not constitute the need to declare war and remove a dictator. If we did that, we’d be removing about 30 different government heads around the world. There was no credible intelligence that Iraq was behind the 9/11 attack. The majority of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Zero from Iraq, It’s equivalent to getting your ass kicked by someone and then turning around and kicking the innocent dog just because you can to try and restore your ego. It’s called displacement. And displacement is the reason for the mess we are in now. I guarantee Iraq was the patsy. Let’s go in and invade this country and show those terrorists who’s really boss. Um, fail.  Question: Let’s try it one other way. Was it a “mistake” to invade Iraq? Answer: For the third and last time Yes. After entering into the war on faulty intelligence and likely “false” pretense, we created an instability in the Middle East that will haunt us for decades. Good ole’ Rummy... read more

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