WeeeNN is happy to announce our first milestone; 10,000 Visitors to the since our January 2015 launch!!!!!!!!!!! That’s unreal. Although a percentage is likely attributed to the Russian, Chinese and Ukranian hackers who are repeatedly trying to hack our site, we actually have some legitimate readers!  So THANK YOU for your readership, your visits and your support in our first trimester of infancy. We hope that you will continue to spread the word to your friends and families that love cats and cats that sometimes are too opinionated for their own good. And don’t forget cats who aspire to become President of the United States. Join the Wee Revolution!   We will continue to evolve over the next several months as we gear up for what will be a most entertaining election cycle in late 2015 and all of 2016. So hold on to your cat nip…..You’re going to need it.  Love to all- Wee, Mr. Bean and Little Man Your Kibble... read more

Catfire: The Cats Debate the Crisis in Baltimore

An explosion of violence and looting erupted last evening following the funeral of Freddie Gray in Baltimore. It was a heartbreaking and angering moment for many in the community and across the country. The Kibble Party discusses the events that have occurred over the past two days.  Wee: We have an epidemic in this country that is going to continue simmering over until more accountability is taken concerning both issues; police brutality and bad parenting. A battle ground is brewing in communities where there needs to be more outreach. Bean: I think the issue is that the media wants to portray a certain narrative; cops vs. young black men, when it’s a much broader issue that no one wants to address. Pockets of good and bad on both sides.  Wee: And both narratives are equal parts right and wrong. There are pockets of bad cops and there are pockets of hoodlums that are opportunistic when these situations arise. But the reality is that not all cops are bad and not all young black men are hoodlums and thugs. But I agree Bean, it’s the narrative that gets the most ratings. And so, it will not change without discussion. And talking about police brutality and race or poverty and accountability is a caustic combination. Like pop rocks and Pepsi. But we have to be able to speak openly and honestly about it without being labeled as racist or unsympathetic.  Little Man: I understand and support the freedom we have in this country to protest and it can be a very powerful source of change. But destruction, looting and rioting pretty much kills any momentum that arises out of a productive discussion.  Bean: I think one of the strongest messages to come out of last night for me was Toya Graham; the mom who gave her son a public beating for participating in the rioting. Tough love, keeping your children engaged and on message and guiding them to find more meaning in life. More parental involvement in their children’s lives is absolutely essential. If you are not committed to putting your children first, you should not be having children period. Bravo Toya. Better your mother give you a whippin then end up another casualty.  Wee: One of my favorite moments from last night was Veteran Robert Valentine who stood in the street commanding kids to stop rioting and get their asses home. He commented that they were not treating Gray’s death... read more

News of the Wee: Kissing Snakes and Gangsta Cats….WeeeeHooo

WeeeNN will be on a short sabbatical returning next week for more fun and more shenanigans. After all, isn’t it all about the shenanigans? This week went by too quickly and not a whole lot to report, so I’ll keep it short, much like my little chubby self.  Here’s the headlines WEEE loved this week:    Tulsa Man Smashes Roommate With Beer Bottle In iPhone Vs. Android Argument: Police Umm, clearly the Iphone won, right? If the operating system of a phone is now the cause of ire in this country, just imagine when the new IPAD Air 3 comes out.    Firefighters Rescue Duck Stuck In Fireplace This one just quacks me up. When firefighters arrived, the large duck was stuck in the fireplace with only his head peeking out of the bottom. When asked for comment, the duck simply yelled, “AFLAC”.    Florida Man Tries to Kiss Cottonmouth Snake, Hospitalized after Bite This week’s idiot out of Florida, found a cottonmouth snake in his girlfriend’s yard. Then he took it and put it in his pillow case. He would periodically take the snake out to give it an ole’ smoocharoo on the lips. The snake, having no part of this newly arranged marriage, then proceeded to bite his paramour in the mouth. I really have no words for this clear favorite in 2015’s Darwin Awards.  This week in cat news:    Can you tame the ‘Gangsta Cat?’ Orphaned moggy’s temper is too hot to handle Poor little Oliver. The woman who saved him from a kill shelter was having trouble finding an adopter after he would hiss and scare away prospective adopters. So she had a better plan; rebranding Oliver as a “Gangsta Cat” with the following advertisement:  I may not look like it, but I am one badass mother f*****. I only accept petting when I feel like it. “If you try to pet me when I’m not in the mood, I will hiss at a bitch. Because f*** you, I do what I want. “You would too if you had it rough like me. My punk-ass family abandoned me outside in subzero degree weather in a cat carrier, and then the animal shelter that was supposed to find me a home sent me to death row. “I was saved by a nice cat rescue and am now kicking it at my foster home. “But no one will adopt me because whenever I meet new people... read more

Little Man: Occupy Paper

Paper and pulp mills are some of the dirtiest industries in the world using the planet as their own personal kitty litter. In addition to production of chlorine, some mills create about 40 or more different toxins that rise through the air and into fresh water sources. One of the biggest offenders? Yup, you guessed it. The Koch Brothers. The 40 billion dollar giants that purchased paper-mill giant Georgia Pacific in 2005, dumps toxic waste into our waters faster than I can eat a bowl of chicken and liver kitten pate.  Now factor that in with the Koch Brother’s money and influence in politics. They are the kingmakers who will bankroll the “chosen” one or ones in the upcoming Presidential election. Their influence and money cannot be ignored by the candidate who then becomes beholden to their slave master and not to the people that elected him or her.  In the last election, they raised almost $400 million. Do you or I have that kind of money and influence?  We judge candidates by their moral character, but turn a blind eye to the money behind the candidate that has zero morality. The corporations that buy elections in an effort to reduce or eliminate regulations that hurt everyday Americans. Only so they can make more money……. So today, I protest the Koch Brothers and the paper mills they own. So much so, I am occupying paper in my protest.  – Little Man  #overturncitizensunited #getmoneyoutofpolitics Give the power back to the people... read more

WeeeNN Sports- The NFL Draft; Busting at the Seams

The NFL Draft; that annual crap shoot of selecting college players is just around the corner on April 30. Most of the teams have hired “Smart Cats” who have probed and prodded the potentials looking to gain that edge in the selection process. Truth is, some of these team owners are among the dumbest talent evaluators ever to fill out a selection slip. Some owners feel the need (can you say Jerry Jones) to meddle and muddle until oops….there goes another expensive draft bust into the kitty litter. They simply do not learn a lesson….history has repeated itself time and again as these barons of the sidelines believe they can take any feral leopard and scrub the spots from the hide. Just for fun and games let’s all marvel at what millions and millions of dollars and supposedly the brightest of the brightest minds have accomplished in the draft over the past 10 years. 2005 produced first round QB selection Jason Campbell who made his money as a journeyman fill in. 2006 gave us such first round gems, Matt Leinart and Vince Young. One is still slinking around looking for work and a 2nd out of football and requiring the alma mater to create a job for him. 2007, now this is a vintage year that produced perhaps the most colossal of all busts taken #1 in the draft, Jamarcus Russell, who was atrocious at the position and a wizard at math with a current net worth of $2 million cans of dry food remaining from his $68 million dollar contract. Also that year in the first round came Brady Quinn, not much, and a victim of many a boo hiss. 2009 gave us first rounder’s Mark Sanchez (he of the butt fumble fame) and Josh Freeman. Money spent on these two prospects ended up in a deep red ink well. In 2010, the brain trusts sharpened their skills and selected Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow and Jimmy Clausen in rounds #1 & 2. ROI on these three produced a three fish net loss. 2011 provided a sure fire purr-fect #1 pick from the Pacific NW in Jake Locker taken 8th overall. When opened, it turned out to be an empty Locker. 2012 brought us the infamous RGIII as the lock of the year’s first choice, obtained by the Washington Native Americans for a boat full of kibbles and bits. That boat has since taken on water and is listing in the... read more

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