Catfire: Bean and Wee Debate Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act

WeeeNN presents a new segment called Catfire. Similar to CNN’s Crossfire, a panel of various minds and thoughts will debate current event topics while trying not to resort to clawing one another. Eventually mommy will have to distract us with food so that we can dial down the heat. This week, Indiana Governor Mike Spence signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act or the RFRA. Modeled after the 1993 federal law that was passed as a balancing test for courts to use in religious liberty cases, the federal case did not generally reach to individual state and local laws, thus 20 states now have some sort of RFRA law on the books. Wee and Bean present their opinions on the controversial law enacted in Indiana this week. Bean: The media has created a hulabaloo about nothing. There are 19 other states that have these types of laws on the book and no one is protesting the other states. And there has been nothing consequential that has come out of those other states. This is a media frenzy over nothing.   Wee: This bill is different in that it is more broad than any other bill that has come before it. This is another bill that can and probably will create unintended consequences similar to the Hobby Lobby decision. The reality is that we are seeing these “bills” pop up in states as more state same-sex marriage bans are tossed out as unconstitutional. Ironic, don’t you think Alanis?   Bean: I prefer you outta know Wee. These are two completely separate animals Wee. One case is against a federal mandate and the other is a state version of an already federal law.   Wee: Not really. In Hobby Lobby, the SCOTUS solidified that businesses’ have rights the same as people. In this bill, businesses again are included and empowered to make decisions that are at odds with discrimination. It’s going to create unintended litigation, particularly in parts of Indiana that have no anti-discrimination local laws. And while I understand the bill’s intent is to protect government interference into religion, these bills can actually do the opposite by allowing religion to interfere with government, laws and people’s personal liberties. Slippery-slope. The separation goes both ways. Bean: Wee, I don’t support the government mandating a business to do anything they don’t want to do. The reality is that any business that chooses to “discriminate” for any reason (race, orientation, wearing the... read more

News of the Wee: Celebrating March Sadness

Heading towards April already. Where does the time go? Really? Between my napping, blogging and running for President, I wake up and my life is half over. What’s going on in the world peeps…   March Madness is in full swing with a few favorites being discarded by the side of the road like an old bag of Mcdonald’s food you ate 3 weeks ago but still in your car. My favorite was the NC State’s upset of number one seed Villanova. Not because of the actual game mind you, but because of sad piccolo girl (see photo) who has gone viral and even landed a gig on Jimmy Fallon. See it pays sometimes to play an obscure instrument and to get caught crying on national television while playing it at the right time. It’s ok piccolo girl, mommy cried when Dayton lost.    In political news, the clown car engine has been officially revved by the announcement of Ted Cruz as the first Republican contestant to get in. Appealing to the most conservative of the base, I just can’t get into his constant theatrics and blatant “look at me” narcissism. He got into the Senate and immediately elevated his profile by being the “NO” guy. No to Obama and No to his own party. If you said the sky was blue, sure as the sun will shine, he would argue that it was purple. He was the architect of the government shutdown that pissed away tax payer money. How then does one evaluate his real leadership potential? It’s too hard to tell how he would be as a leader who suddenly has to make policy versus constantly arguing against it. I do look forward to the debates that start this coming August. I hope he picks another Dr. Seuss book to read during it.  Maybe Cat in the Hat while he sports an Abraham Lincoln tall one.  Going from repeal every last word of Obamacare to I am signing up for Obamacare in 48 hours. Well done.    And finally this week, Angelina Jolie lost her ovaries and fallopian tubes. Children from Africa to Asia rejoice as their odds of being the next adopted member of the Hollywood version of the Duggar family just increased. In all seriousness, she had them removed due to testing positive for the BRCA gene that predisposes her to higher risks of breast and ovarian cancers. She had a previous double mastectomy a... read more

Little Man Drones On……Occupy Drones

This week, I read that Google, Amazon and others are testing out ways to deliver your goods via drones. I’ve always had an issue with the use of drones for personal or business (or military) reasons for the simple fact, it’s gonna be a mess up there. Just imagine your Amazon order containing that awesomely bad cat sweater is tragically killed in a drone to drone accident. Or a drone to airplane, drone to light pole, drone to flock of seagulls (not the 80’s band, but that would be a funny visual).  How do we have any control over what’s flying around? Will they have to create a mini FAA to monitor drones. Staffed and manned by kittens?    As if we don’t have enough actual air traffic with planes, we are going to congest our airspace with drones? Drones that will no doubt be used for increasingly insidious purposes (surveillance, spying, stalking). So when your drone delivery pizza is laying splat in the middle of the street being attacked by vultures while you cry in your driveway (which is being captured by your stalking exes’ drone), just remember, we did nothing to stop this nonsense. I will conclude by leaving you this awesome tumblr link below, so you’re welcome. Wee is on assignment and will be back this week with the unveiling of the Kibble Party PAC and News of the Wee –  Little Man... read more

WeeeNN Sports: March Catness Check Your Brackets for Wildcats

March Madness, when a menagerie of wild and domesticated animals congregate annually attempting to throw a blown up leather furball through a modern peach basket for treats. This week we have multiple Wildcats in battle alongside Bearcats, Leopards, Tigers and Bears (oh my!!) Bulldogs and Great Danes meet on the plains as do Mountaineers hunting the great Buffalo. Jayhawks, Flyers and Friars, Cowboys and (what, no Indians) ah, err, Anteaters (really?) contesting the sudden death sojourn to the heralded Final Four. Hard to imagine the Cat’s of Kentucky not cutting the nets down at the end of the bracket racket journey. They have my vote of course because…CATS RULE as they defeat something called a Blue Devil…everyone else, beware of animal services.  Good Hunting Will.  Peace- Midget McGee... read more

Breaking News of the Wee: Presidential Exploration Announced

... read more

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