News of the Wee: Revising History One “Gotcha” Question at a Time

Oh Oklahoma…where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. And where a state legislator sponsored a bill to “clean up” what we should teach our children in AP US History. You know, like make it more pro American and tone down the focus on negative aspects of our history. Gloss over any atrocities. Also primarily focus on Reagan and Bush and just kinda gloss over the 70’s and 90’s. Required reading? 3 Reagan speeches. And slip in the 10 Commandments for good measure because there is a “false” wall separating church from state. Dear Oklahoma – We teach history in the schools for a reason. It’s called HISTORY. We teach the good, the awesome, the bad and the ugly. Why do we do so? Because it is our hope that we, as Americans, awesome and flawed humans will want to do better next time and actually learn from our mistakes. What you are proposing could not be defined as US History, but the courses could be renamed the following; Indoctrination 101, Intro to Nationalism/Fascism, America: F*** Yeah!, We Might Actually Have Common Ground with Hitler. I could go on. History has and always will define and shape how our future generations critically solve world problems. At times I wonder if politicians ever actually grasp the concept of History, because they seem to go around and around with the same lame myopic proposals and solutions that didn’t work before. Or in this situation, ideas that are so out in left (or in this case right) field, that it threatens the very fabric that makes this country so amazing.  Leave History where it belongs; as History. Allow students to think critically and form their own opinions about our past actions and behaviors, good and bad. Do not foster a generation of blind Sheeple. You can still LOVE America, flaws and all. I do. #fightidiocracy Wee on Scott Walker and his “gotcha” question problem: Oh Scott, welcome to the National stage where you will be inundated with a lot of questions. Some good, some bad, some ridiculous, some “gotcha”. Skirting the answers to questions and/or refusing to answer them at all, leaves voters on both sides scratching their heads about who you really are. For example, if you are asked a scientific question about evolution you are in a quandary. On one hand if you say yes, you are potentially alienating your hard right base. If you say no, you are alienating... read more

WeeeNN Movies: Little Man talks NSA While Discussing Citizen Four

Citizen Four, the newly minted Best Documentary Oscar winner is a tense story that breaks down the role of the NSA spying on both US citizens and our allies and frenemies. The crux of the film is the interview with Edward Snowden when he first fled the country to Hong Kong fully aware that he was going to be exposing the NSA’s secrets through journalists. Whether you feel like Snowden is a hero or a traitor, Citizen Four was compelling for the simple fact that you finally get to see Edward Snowden and learn about his motives for why he did what he did. There is a lot of cloak and dagger moments showing how difficult it was to make this movie happen.  I have never known what to really think about Mr. Snowden. While I applaud his light-shining on dastardly acts our government does in the shadows to unsuspecting citizens, I don’t necessarily think that disclosing our spying techniques on our allies did us any favors in our foreign relations. But the reality is, every country spies on one another and we all know it. That’s just the way it is and has always been. I came away from the film with a better understanding of Mr. Snowden and that he simply stood up for his belief that allowing government overreach into your personal lives at the level we were doing it was unacceptable. I was actually surprised that he came across thoughtful, intelligent and appeared sincere in his beliefs.  What is most compelling are the lengths filmmaker Laura Poitras went to get this film made despite being followed, harassed and being part of the bombshell revelation at the end of the movie.    I sat down with Mommy and asked what she thought of the NSA spying and she said that it really doesn’t affect her and if people want to go through her phone or computer they will be sorely disappointed that she spends most of her time taking photos of cats and playing Candy Crush Soda. She states she has nothing to hide. And if information is obtained with the intent to protect our citizens from terrorism, she’s ok with giving up “a little” personal freedom.  She did point out though that there is some inherent risk in capturing “meta-data” on people in such a way it constructs an electronic story of you that could be grossly inaccurate. “Every search you do on the internet... read more

News of the Wee: Super Bugs and Super Thugs

Dear Mother Nature,  I would like to officially petition for your impeachment over your harsh treatment of us this winter. Really? Snow after snow, now followed by cold after cold. Hello? It’s almost March. If that Lion/Lamb thing does not pan out, I will ignore the advice that it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature and stick my furry back paws straight up your nature lovin’ backside. P.S. I’m just kidding, not really, bugger off…..Mother Nature. News People! Stat! Wee on the 99 candidates left for possible selection to Mars One, the Dutch reality show that will televise a trip to Mars where eventual and certain death will captured. I’m waiting for the reality show Flying to Uranus. It would be a much more entertaining shitastrophy. These nimrods will not make it through Space Camp let alone make it into space. But a good gimmick. There’s not much we haven’t seen on TV, so go with the hype. Wee on the Super Bug exposure now up to possibly 179 patients in UCLA’s Reagan Hospital Speaking of Uranus, the method of the spread of this antibiotic resistant bug was by way of an endoscope that was used again without eradicating and sterilizing the scope from the  “bug”.  Me thinks it would be better to have house calls from a doctor these days. Going to the hospital is about as safe these days as walking through the streets of Raqqa in Syria screaming “I’m a journalist”.  And finally, in today’s Uranus trilogy, I present the following for comment (or fodder).   a).  the new Swiffer Dictator  – guaranteed to boast its the greatest thing ever but not yielding much in results. b). Troll dolls are back! c). There’s a black dog laying on his head. Seriously people, what the hell is that thing on his head? Is it hiding the plans for his nuclear proliferation? Or hiding the fact that he is just a giant Weeble under that thing?    How about Headlines Wee Loved this week? Theater mixes up ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and ‘SpongeBob’ HA! SpongeBob has never been so pervy. Thankfully the theater caught it before children started asking grandpa questions about S&M instead of M&M’s. Revealed: Brutal leader of ISIS was once a bespectacled SECRETARY working in an office admin department Yeah I bet everyone one of you is going to look at your coworkers tomorrow with a little more suspicion and scrutiny. I’m talking to you... read more

News of the Wee: Oscars Edition

Well folks, is it me or are the Oscars on insanely early this year? So much so, I probably would’ve missed it had there not been an ad for it. I did a terrible job picking the winners last year. But then again, I picked anyone that had an unpronounceable name just so I could see the presenter screw their name up (kitty snicker). So this year, I will just quickly surmise the Best Picture Oscar Noms so that we can focus on other things; like Little Man Occupying Space. I don’t mean the final frontier. I mean my personal space. He is relentless this week…………..   Best Picture Nominees:  “American Sniper” – the story of famed sniper, Chris Kyle who was killed by the very person he tried to help when he came home after several tours of duty.  It’s the nominated film that has snuffed out all box office competition thus far in 2015. Complex tale of both American heroism and the fragile psyche of a flawed human man. Bradley Cooper is so underrated. – 4 paws “Birdman” – Weird movie and ending, but I liked it and it was totally carried by Michael Keaton’s return to relevance. He is underrated as an actor as well, but I can’t pick him over Bradley Cooper’s tortured performance. A good resurrection vehicle after his years as Batman. Birdman is just a dumbass though. – 3.5 Paws “Boyhood” – A movie that felt like it lasted the 12 years it took to film. If you want sit in a chair for three hours watching a movie where nothing really happens, might I suggest a hobby?  Or just watch your own life, it’s probably a tad bit more interesting than this litter pile. 2 Paws (I’m sorry I just didn’t get the hype).  “The Grand Budapest Hotel” – Weird, bizarre, at times amusing, several WTF moments. But Best Picture? Ummm. On what planet? If you like to come away from a movie wondering what the hell you just watched? Or you enjoy dropping acid or eating shrooms on a random Saturday afternoon, then you will probably enjoy this film. 2.5 Paws  “The Imitation Game” – The story is equal parts decoding Nazi messages and the underlying treatment of homosexuality during and post WWII. Chemical castration? Really? Sad on all fronts; Nazi persecution, non-Nazi persecution. Cumberbatch is nuanced in this role, very powerful. 3.5 Paws (4 for Cumberbatch).  “Selma” – Spectacular. Moving.... read more

News of the Wee: Fifty Shades of Spay

Friday people and damn it’s cold. I’m glad I have a lot of fur and that mommy turns the heat on when the temperature falls below 70 in the winter. I feel for those experiencing below zero temps. I would just assume subjecting myself to waterboarding before I would stroll outside with a -5 temperature. Let’s see what’s on the menu this week people……… God I love Ruth Ginsberg. Not only did she rock the State of the Union with a stunning bedazzled collar on her robe, she admits that she fell asleep during the speech because of the wine she drank at dinner just before. Let’s face it though, we all have to drink a little to get through those speeches. OR some of us actually use the speech as a drinking game which includes the overuse of key buzzwords; middle class economics, ISIS, taxes, Congress, I could go on but then I’d have to drink more.  Ruth, your sensibility on the bench while having to deal with some of the other turds would drive me to drink also. You do what you need to do girlfriend. I saw that 50 Shades of Gray came out in the movie theater today. I thought it was a movie about cats. There’s tabbies, russian blues, smokies….I had no idea people it was about S&M (which I had to look up because I thought it stood for Snacks and Monkeys). It was a terrible week for journalism. Brian Williams’ career has been one giant exaggeration, John Stewart is leaving the Daily Show, Bob Simon of 60 Minutes is tragically killed in a car accident. Really I can’t take much more. Next they’re going to tell me that Fox News and MSNBC are constantly twisting the truth….wait, what? Headlines WEE loved this week:  Florida Couple Falls Asleep In Dumpster, Wakes Up In Garbage Truck Before you go and feel sorry for the poor homeless couple that had nowhere to sleep but the dumpster, please understand that these two were actually drunk nimrods that stumbled away from the Seminole Hard Rock Casino and decided to take a “nap”. Way to go Florida!!!  That’s one creative way to get rid of trash in this country. I smell Rick Scott behind this garbage.    Hat-Stealing Attack Owl In Oregon Officially Named ‘Owlcapone’ This one’s a hoot. Seriously. In Salem, Oregon several early morning joggers have reported being kamikazed by this hooter gangsta. Two joggers actually... read more

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