And Iran, Iran So Far Away

As alluded to a couple weeks ago, Wee is going to make some of her opinions on Iran known to the masses and it may not sit well with a lot of readers. But before, you go and write off this feline, please sit back and thoughtfully evaluate whether your position is one based on rhetoric, propaganda or reality. You will hear this phrase a lot from Wee in future posts concerning US foreign policy; maybe it’s time to “change the narrative”. As I always point out, while thoroughly plagiarizing Einstein, “the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result”. And with that, I lay out my case for a nuclear deal and softening position on Iranian sanctions. (Note, that I didn’t just say, “give them nukes”). 1). Iran is a country with 70% of the population under the age of 40. More than 40% under the age of 24!! 2). Iran, in many ways, is more progressive than our “ally” Saudi Arabia. 3). In Iran, a woman can not only vote, but can create and run her own business. 4). While the hardliners still push the “narrative” of “Death to America”, the younger, more progressive population is open to embracing better relations between the two countries. In order to understand the present, we must first go back in history. Here is a dumbed down feline summary of what went awry between the US and Iran: 1).1953 – We (CIA) help to overthrow Iranian Prime Minister, Mohammed Mossadeq over fears on  continued “nationlization” of oil and influence by the Russians. COMMUNIST ALERT! 2). US props ups the Shah who is now in control of Iran. In an effort to make Iran a global power, he pushes modernization, women’s suffrage…all good things on the surface. The Shah simultaneously worked to suppress opposition (i.e. anyone with a brain or thoughts contrary to the government in power were imprisoned). Sound familiar? Yes we employed the same anti-communist busting techniques in the countries of Chile and Argentina in the 60′s and 70′s (read Pinochet – Chile, Dirty War – Argentina). Throw controversial policies in with a dose of healthy corruption and oppression and soon you have an uprising of angry disenchanted Shiites. 3). Cue the 1979 overthrow of the Shah in favor of the Ayatollah and the beginning of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And the beginning of the end of the US/Iranian relationship.... read more

Red Restaurant/Blue Restaurant- Partisan Foodies

In the middle of my vacation, I came across an article that incensed me so much, I had to write about it. The title: 10 Restaurants that Liberals Hate and Conservatives Should Support. Really? I mean really? Have we degraded one another so far that we are becoming partisan foodies? If an equal rights supporter is caught eating a delicious Chick-Fil-A sandwich, will they soon be arrested and tried for treason? If someone happens to support a woman’s right to choose, will they have an explosive as a pizza topping? I don’t know why this article stuck in my craw the way it did, but I am sick and tired of the media writing useless and divisive drivel that further places Americans into camps of Us v. Them. But after I calmed down and looked at it objectively, I decided that liberals must clearly have better taste in food. Aside from the undisputed tasty chicken sandwich and waffle fries at Chick-Fil-A, I will grade the remainders: Carl’s Jr/Hardees – UGH. If I had a chance to eat leaves covered in ants v. a Carl’s Jr. burger, I hate to say I would eat the leaves. Yucko. Carl’s apparently is a very strong pro-life supporter. I am also a pro-life supporter of people not dying eating horribly disgusting food. Next. Dominos Pizza – It would rank about 5th in terms of pizza stores I would order from. So in the event a city-wide blackout renders me only to be able to order from Domino’s, I would probably do so. Ditto for any store that would be willing to deliver to a drunk kitty at 2am. Don’t conservatives realize that this is one of the single most eaten foods by college liberals? Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Gnaw away liberal kiddies, gnaw away. White Castle – Only when I’m drunk and in Ohio. Or after watching Harold and Kumar which promotes liberal views on marijuana. Genius business model really. We will contribute millions to Republican super pacs while simultaneously peddling to the baked and drunk liberals. Papa Johns’ – If there was a city-wide blackout and I could only order Papa John’s, I would rather eat the kibble vomited up by Little Man. Seriously, I don’t care about their screwing employees out of benefits so much as I care about how truly awful this pizza tastes. The garlic sauce is there for the sole purpose of completely drowning out the taste of stale cardboard. Applebee’s – Now... read more

News of the Wee: Idiocracy Is Closer Than We Think

Well thank god this week brings a close to this awful and mean-spirited election cycle. No more assault on your ears and eyes on the TV, radio and email. Don’t worry though, we will have about a nanosecond break before the obnoxiousness of 2016 begins. I can’t wait. The primary debates are my favorite part since it’s generally a world exhibition of Crazy. In the past decade, it’s been one “table flip” away from being televised on Bravo with Andy Cohen moderating. I can’t say that I’m really surprised by the election results. But I’m not sure there will be any change to the gridlock in Washington unless Congress actually brings bills forth that are useful and relevant to the masses; like immigration reform, economic engine and job bills or tax reforms. I’m already hearing rumors that it will be the same ole’ shit; bills to repeal parts of Obamacare, bills concerning limiting reproductive rights. Mitch McConnell will have his hands with Ted Cruz who will be grandstanding in his efforts to shine visibility on his clown car before 2016. I’d like to think the Grand Old Party can still be the party of ideas. They just need new ones. Practical ones. Now is your chance to lead, follow or get out of the way. Do something beneficial. Stop preaching smaller government while simultaneously pushing government onto individual freedoms. EVOLVE. Wee is counting on you. Today’s PSA is brought to you by a crabby tabby and a sinister snowshoe without any meaningful party allegiances outside themselves. Short-take and Shortcakes Wee, on behalf of the Kibble Party, sends congratulations to the dog, Einstein, on his brave and brilliant run for the mayor of Oakland. While he did not ultimately prevail, he was a fine advocate for human and animal rights. Bravo Einstein. Wee on AC/DC drummer’s charges of hiring a hitman to take out 2 unnamed persons: I guess even in New Zealand, you can’t get your Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Wee on this week’s idiot in Florida: 45 year old Stephen Ramsey of Florida was arrested in Naples after calling 911 repeatedly to ask the dispatcher for a date. This nimrod even went so far as to ask the poor dispatcher if she was “into handcuffs”. He is currently in county jail with a $2000 bond. No reports as to whether he has found a “date” yet in prison, but he may find more willing participants there. Wee... read more